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Do You Know What Type Of Psoriatic Arthritis You Have?

I didn't even know that there were different types of PsA. I learned on one of my visits that I have symmetric arthritis. This affects both sides of the body and affects the same joints on each side. (very interesting)

Do you know what type of PsA you have? Has your doctor ever discussed this with you? Let us know.

  1. Symmetrical peripheral and axial PsA.

    Figured it out myself - when diagnosed my rheumie asked what I thought I had and I said either seronegative RA (because my pain is symmetrical) or psoriatic arthritis (scalp PsO in my early teens).

    I have pain in all the joints in my limbs (peripheral) and hip, SI joint, neck, and costochondritis issues (axial). My rheumie isn't big on labels and likes to say just how variable the disease is - it doesn't 'have the textbook' to determine how it should present !

    1. Hello , I wished I could have figured this out myself, but my doctors kept telling me what I was going through was all in my head. I knew something was wrong, just didn't know what it was. When I did get a diagnosis, I was eccentric. I finally had something. I got psoriasis at 5 years old, started having symptoms of PsA at 25, and got the diagnosis at 50.

      I finally was able to find a great dermatologist who took his time and many tests to come up with PsA. Thank you so much for your response and for being a great advocate for yourself.

    2. you sound like me. Mine started as axial and outside of some flares that including my elbows and wrists, for a very long time the axial PsA was where I struggled.

      And I also had a more mild form of psoriasis: a couple of patches on my scalp and behind my ears that responded well to topical corticosteroids.

      I try to avoid the labels because I find that this disease moves around a lot. Though my lumbar spine is a constant.

  2. Well I have R.A. and just diagnosed with PsA. I know how it feels when the Dr.s theres nothing wrong it's all in your head For 30 years until I found The right Dr. and she knew immediatly what I had even though the tests did'nt show it till 20 years later. Now I have PsA

    1. , thank goodness you eventually found the right doctor! Unfortunately we do hear from people who have been dismissed by doctors along the way 😢 I imagine dealing with both RA and PsA must be very challenging. Has the addition of the PsA diagnosis changed your treatment regimen at all? Please know that this community is here anytime you have questions or need support. Warmest wishes, -Catherine, Community Moderator

    2. Hello , It's sad that we have to go through so much. I'm happy that you finally got a diagnosis. It's no fun knowing that something is wrong with you, but no one believes you. Thanks for sharing. You are not a lone. Diane (Team Member)

  3. Thanks. Very true now my daughter is going through it too.

    1. Hello , The sad part is that this happened to me at the age of 25. I am now 65. Our healthcare system is really failing us.

      Are you seeing more than one doctor for your daughter? I had to see several doctors before I got a diagnosis.

  4. My daughter is in her 30s and has seen multple Dr.s since she was a teen. Still is. You would think Dr.s would listen especially with family history. Dr.s don't listen or care any more.

    1. Hello , I have been saying that for years. They don't listen to us. I hope she finds a good doctor soon. I understand.

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