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Anyone get improvement after a cortisone joint injection?

My shoulder has been killing me for a long time now. It was at the point where I was in tears and needed some relief. I bit the bullet and took the cortisone shot. Now just waiting for the results.

How long after the cortisone shot did you feel better and how long does this shot last? We would like to hear from you. Diane (Team Member)

  1. , I've had several steroid injections - some directly into a joint as well as a few systemic kenalog injections that I get in my rump.
    I've had shoulders, an ankle, mid foot, and an exray guided hip injection.
    The ankle injection was awful. Just awful.
    I have had good relief from shoulder injections. My injections tend to work fairly quickly although I have had a few cortisone flares after a shot. Those are also awful. I seem to have a theme of awful going here 😀

    I think its safe to say that when and how well an injection will work varies for all of us. Its a good pain relief strategy if it works but alas, it is temporary. And they carry risks.

    I really am sorry you are in this pain. I hope you'll get some relief from the injection very soon!

    1. Hello , it's hard trying to explain to people the kind of pain we have. Most think we are exaggerating. It's so nice to have you here in the community. We always say that we are not alone, but it's always so nice to find someone that understands. I hate that you are in pain, but we all feel your pain. Diane (Team Member)

    2. it's the same here in Louisiana. 85 yesterday to 50 today. Crazy winter but mild just the same. Be careful of Thursday. There has been tornadoes and such in other parts of the country. We just had high winds. Thanks for asking about me as well. Vickie W., Team Member

  2. I've had to have cortisone injections into multiple joints over the years, mostly due to injuries. I can tell you that they do lose efficacy over time, so they should be done sparingly. When I used to lift weights, my AC joints would get really bad due to previous separations, and I would get cortisone injections. The injections worked great the first few times, but on about the third shot over a year and a half, I only got a couple of weeks of relief out of it, so just discontinued all together. I've had to have them in my shoulders, one knee, one elbow, and back (not doing that one again). Even when the effects wore off quickly, though, it was usually enough relief that I was able to get some physical therapy done for long term relief. I've got one shoulder that has been injured so badly so often that everything is basically a mass of scar tissue. Surgeons say there's nothing that can be done at this point, except to avoid further injury.

    1. Hello Thanks for sharing some great pieces of information with us. I tell you one thing, I feel older than my father and he will be 90 next month. I had this shot about 10 years ago. I took it again because I was crying in my sleep. This shoulder would not allow me to rest. I have another appointment next week to see what relief I can get for the hands. I wear these gloves which helps, but they are so bulky. We definitely have an illness that keeps on giving. I used to do physical therapy, but these people would hurt me so badly, that I just couldn't continue. It's so good to hear from you as always. Diane (Team Member)

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