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Oh wow, it must have felt great (and maybe a bit strange?) to be driving again, @grammi28! I hope your knee isn’t feeling too bad today. That does sound like a lovely day – I bet the Christmas parade was sweet. I wish you weren’t suffering because of the busy day though 🙁 Definitely take it easy today. Have some of that lovely soup you made! I…

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Thank you Cathy. I did get some fun stuff done. I drove for the first time since my knee replacement 6 weeks ago, did some christmas shopping, which involved walking around Walmart, made a batch of home made soap, and went to the little christmas parade my grandkids were in. So I’m laying low today to get my body to forgive me.

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Oh no, @grammi28 🙁 It’s so unfair that we have to “pay” for doing things. Did you get up to anything nice yesterday? I hope you were able to get some sleep last night. Hang in there! -Catherine, Community Moderator

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Neva1975 posted an update 6 hours, 15 minutes ago

New to this site. Feeling sluggish and painful. Been diagnosed since 2013 with PsA and Ankylosing Spondylitis. Already fused lumbar region and all other major joints are effected and some have had surgery.

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Ugh, yes it really does affect absolutely everything. You’re definitely not alone in getting grumpy and irritable because of the pain! And then there’s processing how much life changes when you get PsA… As you say, I think anyone would react in that way. But I know it’s not nice to feel like that. We’re always here if you need to vent!


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I feel about 80 now. I’ve just accepted that this is how my life is now. I’ve been relatively fit and healthy most of my life up until the symptoms from the PsA and diagnosis! But it takes over almost all aspects of life. I try to just get on with it but the pain and stiffness can be a bit overwhelming on the bad days and makes me a bit of a…