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Gosh, this is so true. We can be quite complicated and are often dealing with many doctors for separate pieces of the PSA struggles. It would be so helpful for someone to help with the whole picture. Doctors are coming and going frequently these days and are often only aware of what’s been happening in the last 6 months.

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Hmm that is interesting, @youngnrestless86 – I have kind of been overdoing it on the caffeine lately (I am SO tired at the moment). Maybe I should try to cut that down a bit… I do notice it makes me feel a bit “on edge”. Are there any particular yoga poses/videos you’d recommend? I used to do it fairly regularly but have to admit I haven’t done…

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Hi, yes ice works great. I also had a torn Achilles and brevis tendon which still swell all of the time and hurt. I’m knooooow being referred to a podiatrist. I’ll see what happens. Thanks for your advice.

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Don’t stop moving, don’t give up, find what works for you and keep living YOUR life. Learn your triggers, food , stress etc. Learn about foods that are antiinflamatory, lots out there, try ice, and don’t expect a cure, but there are lots of things that will help