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Orthofeet’s Ortho-Cushion System is engineered with advanced orthotic insoles and Ergonomic Soles, which provide anatomical support along with unsurpassed cushioning. Along with the soft uppers and foam padded interior Orthofeet shoes help relieve arthritis pain from heel to toe, all the way up your knees and back

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Hi andytait, Fourteen months ago I began experiencing pain similar to what you describe. Walking was becoming extremely difficult and painful. I had great difficulty getting into and out of bed. Back pain and leg cramps. My Primary Care doctor diagnosed plantar fasciitis along with ongoing PsA. He prescribed physical therapy. The PT’s got me into…

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I keep a pair of 12 inch Channellock® pliers in my kitchen. They have adjustable jaws and a no-slip grip. I think it’s a combination of the off-set head and the long arms that makes them work. The days I have trouble opening a bottle of water I can open any vacuum sealed jar (jelly, applesauce, pickles, etc) with almost no effort. These things…

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Hi crookedtree

I so fee your pain.. I made several posts recently on the other board about the same thing.

I’m currently doing AIP (give it a google) as directed by a naturopath.. it’s helped moderately.. I was doing keto and for me, the AIP provides even more relief. Using tumeric and probiotics with the diet.
I’ve decided after a lot of caref…