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Kerry answered a question 4 hours, 6 minutes ago

So far it has been fine. The injection was not painful. I was having a few side affects but today I feel pretty good! Now as far as psoriasis goes I have not noticed a change yet. I do my second injection this weekend. I think I will know more as I have a few injections under my belt. The only concern that I have is that is lowers the immune…

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It is so great to hear such a positive story @shauna2018 ! I’m glad that you have found a great system that works for you to manage your PsA. And surviving a knee replacement to boot, that is amazing! I’m so happy for you and I’m sure your story will inspire others and give them great ideas to manage their PsA as well. Thank you for sharing!…

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Jake answered a question 5 hours, 56 minutes ago

@kanmore1 – I saw you posted previously in one of our forums about your doctor prescribing humira. Were you able to get started and if so, how has your experience been?

– Jake, Team

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My journey of treating psoriatic arthritis has been long but has also been a successful one. I went through two years of methotrexate treatment. It lessened the severity of the breakouts but not completely. I […]

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Good call staying in the A/C. Ouch, I’m sure that’s painful. Hope taking it light helped to bring some relief! -Jake, Team

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Wow, @sarahr, amazing that you’re back at work again already. So glad to hear that you’re feeling better than you were previously. I can imagine school holidays have been a bit hectic ! Ooh hope you have a great time in Blackpool. I have never been but my dad used to go there for family holidays all the time when he was little! -Catherine,…

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Then dr wanted to switch me to a more targeted drug called Taltz. Insurance co rejected script and wanted me on cosentyx. It’s been a year. Horrible year. Continued sinus, allergy, strep, swollen glands etc.. heartburn, urinary tract infection, joint pain, flares. Called dr today to change meds.

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I came down with PSA during a very stressful time in my life. Suffered a few years worth creams, gels, lotions, wrapping etc..I was afraid of the biologics because of cancer. I mostly hid in my house and avoided people. I have it on my scalp, down my spine, elbows, knees and shins. A friend talked me in to trying stelara. I loved it! Cleared me…

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Jake replied to the topic Hamstring tendonitis in the forum General Discussions 1 day, 4 hours ago

Hi Grace!

Many in the community have expressed similar symptoms in the past (pain in tendons). I have not come across this specific scenario, though. Sounds painful! Since it been a couple weeks, are you still experiencing this pain?

Thought I’d also share this article related to how tendons and ligaments are affected by PsA…

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Hi Jake, hope things are good with you. My weekend was good, temperatures were high so I stayed in the air conditioning. Did a bit more standing and cooking, so I am a bit slow today. I have a bakers cyst that I have been nursing which occurred before my knee replacement, so I am taking it light today so that will ease up.

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Hi Kerry! Dealing with those initial side effects can be something of a roller coaster since it’s all so new. Since it’s been a couple days, I wanted to check-in to see if these symptoms have continued ot if you were able to check with your doctor? -Jake, Team

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Jake posted a new activity comment 1 day, 5 hours ago

Glad to hear you were having a good day, Shauna! Tough to move past that stiffness, but well done! How was your weekend? -Jake, Team

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No Chip, it’s not naive at all!

In fact, within both the medical and political communities, coordinating care has been the source of a major debate for decades. Sticking point is (as always) money. Primary care doctors traditionally don’t get paid for all the calls/paperwork/research etc. while patients just assume it’s happening. Kaiser Health…