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Hi allisonjane I am so sorry you have to go thru that but I have been suffering from PSA for better part of 20 yrs and thru those yrs I have seen my hearing loss and my eyes now are a problem gonna talk to my rhumy in march, but when our immune system is out of control we never know what is gonna happen it’s tough to live with but I hope you have…

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Yes. My psoriatic arthritis was diagnosed because I had severe joint pain in all those areas. You should talk to your Dr about further test so if you are diagnosed you can start a treatment plan.

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Hey I’m new to this! Just wanted to know if maybe someone could help me with some questions. I have psorasis, and I have been hurting in my ankles, feet, knees, hips, elbows, shoulders and hands. My hands and neck get stiff, also feel like I can barley bend my back. It hurts really bad. Some days are worse than others. Can someone relate?

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Hi Clairmarie
I’ve been on Cosentyx since Sept of last year and I still have a lot of pain.

I asked my Rheumy how long for this to work and she told me it could take several months because I’ve been misdiagnosed and for so long.

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Hi Aunt Jana
I’m on Cosentyx has done wonders for my skin but sadly has done Zippo for my hideous pains :/

I did developed a rash around one side of my torso when I was transitioning from Stelara to Cosentyx but my primary physician said it was shingles and put me on 4 weeks of medication …the meds didn’t touch the rash. I think it was…

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I could have written this article. Thank you for sharing. I just recently went to pain mgmt. after 3 Drs. recommend. (Rheumatologist, Neurologist and Infection Disease). Pain mgmt. wants to burn nerves which I am very concerned with. Could you share what your pain plan is? I would so appreciate some input. Thank you

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I am confused. I have had a myriad of health issues over the years, each has been treated separately or ignored following blood tests. They have gone away only to return later with varying degrees of pain. I had overactive thyroid, following radioactive iodine. Switched to under active. I suffer from psoriasis on head, ears, genitals and feet. I…

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I have only had one loading dose of Cosentyx. I’ve had a couple of issues but nothing to make me second guess my choice. But today I have sever lower back pain and my joints are very sore. Anyone else have the back ache and are contributing it to Cosentyx?