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Hi i was in similar situation like urs. Keep faith and trust me it will get better. After 6 months u will be better. Methoterxate works slowly. May i ask what dosage u are on? Also are ur blood tests showing if its working.?

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I had a normal, active life until January 2019. Then…BOOM…out of the blue, with absolutely no warning, arthritis attacked both of my feet, basically crippling me. I haven’t been able to work since. I had q […]

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Thank you, I will. My son who moved up for a job transfer, we had a good talk last night. I cried he listened. I feel very hopeless, that is usually not a situation I am in with him. Or any of my kids. Should be the other way around, but he did remind me how strong are used to be what I have been through and what I used to do. A lot of what he…

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Oh @mlc470, I am sending ALL the positive vibes and good thoughts to you today!! Truly hoping you are able to get some answers. I am so sad that your pain has been dismissed so much 🙁 How you are feeling is completely understandable given everything you have been through with this. I will be thinking of you today and I have everything crossed for…

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I just wanted to say thank you for your progress reporting. I started Humira yesterday and have had a tough day today. I have been so anxious about the what if’s, but now I feel more hope. It is one thing to read the propaganda, but another to hear actual anecdotal evidence. I have had Psoriasis for a few years but PsA is fairly new. I h…