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Everyone gets sick, right?

Another member of the forum here had mentioned that they had a flare-up and it had happened around the same time for 2 years running.

Can sickness and germs lead to […]

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Down 35 pounds!!! That is fantastic! You should celebrate with a cupcake and then set your shoulders and keep moving forward. My key to moving forward is to eat more often as long as it is anything with protein and fiber. While exercise is important, it can also be of detriment to people like us if applied too harshly or at the wrong time.


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I’m in flare today fatigue has totally knocked me off my feet. Biologics are giving me more better days than not and I am beginning to see a difference in mobility. Thank you for reading my story and the encouragement x

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Thank you so much for trusting us with your story @lisam76! You touched on so many important parts of life with PsA from symptoms, to diagnosis, work life, and mental health. It truly is an all encompassing disease. I love how you ended with HOPE- for without it, we’d be lost for sure. I really enjoyed your story and I’m sure others in our…

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i’ve been trying so hard to lose some weight. i’m actually down 35 pounds from what i weighed in july. but it’s getting harder. i can’t go for long walks like i did when i started.

and on the days when i’m feeling really bad, i turn to comfort food.

but i have decided that the only way i have time to sit around feeling sorry for myself is…