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Glad to hear your eyes are maintaining normal pressure, thanks to the drops!

Same as Cathy, I don’t have any big plans for Halloween yet.

How about you @evaw?

– Jake, Team

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Hi @redbull44, thanks for reaching out. So sorry to hear that you’re going through a flare at the moment 🙁 I don’t have personal experience with this but I hope that others who do will stop by and share with you.

I haven’t been able to find any literature saying that there is a link between PsA flares and SSRIs (although I’m sure my search was…

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Feeling a bit emotional atm as constant low lying pain and tried nearly all meds. This article made me cry as so true. Good also to read someone else who understands. Hopefully more sweet spots will come my way soon.

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I found the ‘sweet spot’ today; putting up some acoustic insulation, going up and down ladders and getting into awkward places. At first it was a physical struggle, but then I got the old grey cells going and found a more efficient and less demanding method. Because I had resolved the problem mentally, my determination/motivation was exaggerated:…

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Today is the date! 10 year anniversary of having my life back thanks to Humira. Arthritis still doesn’t have the coverage it needs, it is not ‘just’ an old person disease! And it doesn’t affect just bones! Over the years it has cost me a lot. Mental health issues at times as well as the obvious physical health, sadly I have also lost some…

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It all started with a white water rafting trip in college. My friend knocked me out of the raft and in my scramble back to my place on my hands and knees (which you should never stand on your knees in a rubber […]