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New to forum. New diagnosis

  • By DonfromDerby

    Hi everyone. I’ve only recently been diagnosed with PsA aged 60 I’m still getting used to the idea and having some emotional difficulties with it all.

    As I learn more about the disease I am becoming more and more certain that I’ve had it in a much milder form for decades. I’ve been blighted virtually life long, with depression; exhaustion; odd pains that almost sent me to the doctor, but then cleared up; and a very minor skin complaint.

    Now it’s becoming clearer as my symptoms intensify, that it’s been the one thing all along. I suspect that my father was a sufferer in silence and that two of my kids may also be affected.

    Isn’t it strange that I never even heard of PsA until a year ago?

  • By CathyD Moderator

    Welcome to the community, @donfromderby! So glad that you found us.

    I have heard from many people that they look back and everything suddenly falls in to place with their diagnosis. It can be a relief to have answers but adjusting to the idea of a new diagnosis can be incredibly challenging, and throw up lots of mixed emotions. Please lean on us anytime you need to – we are all here for you!

  • By Sean

    I’d never heard of PsA until four years ago. In fact, I’d had psoriasis since my early 20s without EVER knowing that it was an autoimmune disorder. I just thought of it as a relatively minor skin condition.