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My daughter's story

  • By Mkkjd60

    My daughter is 24. At 23 she got a rash on her arm. Dr. said cellulitis. Put her on antibiotic. Took the rash right away. A few days later, BOOM. She says she has flu like symptoms. She can hardly walk because of pain in feet. Dactylitis in fingers. Muscles killing her. Short of breath. Pain in wrists, elbows, neck and back. And no psoriasis. That’s what threw the doctors and made the diagnosis tough. Inflammation markers normal. Slightly high ana 1:80. We find out she’s also got antibodies against her thyroid. On her way to Hashimotos. We got some terrible diagnosis from alot of doctors. Scerladerma? Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder? Lupus? Finally, a general consensus on PSA. Eight doctors. 6 in agreement. Whew! Anyway, she is on Humira now. Doing pretty well. I cannot describe how this has saddened me. It is by far the worst thing that has happened to me. And I lost my mom to breast cancer when she was 73. Worse than that. Because my daughter is young and I worry about her future, her health, what will happen when I’m gone. Anyway, since I’m crying now, I will end this. Thank you for reading. Mary

  • By Liatris39

    Mary, My heart aches for you and your Daughter. I feel the need to point out some silver linings in the cloud hanging over your family. First of all, she has. diagnosis! 30 years ago, when I was 25, the medical profession refused to believe a young person could have chronic pain. I was dismissed and told I was DRUG SEEKING. Secondly, your daughter is responding to the medication. That is HUGE! New drugs are being developed daily and there is a renewed hope that medical science will continue to learn more to fight autoimmune diseases. Thirdly, this forum is a mecca for all of us who have been shamed, blamed and discarded by the medical profession. Unfortunately, there is no pill or lifestyle change that can ease a mother’s worry about the challenges that face our children. But you will find encouragement and virtual hugs here. Your daughter is lucky to have a Mom like you!

    • By mich54

      Yes your daughter is lucky to be diagnosed so young. I have been trying for 30 years (64 years old now) and never got any help. No one knew what to tell me.