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Treatment Issues

Interesting diet discussion with Rheumatologist

  • By sarahr

    I had my six monthly rheumatology appointment today and was speaking to my doctor about the 5:2 diet. I’ve been following it for just over a month and have lost 11 lbs and have noticed some reduction in general inflammation too. I asked whether she put any stock in the claims that fasting and following a largely Mediterranean diet can aid in reducing autoimmune induced inflammation. She said there was a lot of interesting research recently and coming out looking at the role of the gut and fasting for improving autoimmune conditions. Any weight loss will also improve symptoms especially on weight baring joints.
    The thing that really struck me was that she told me she was on a plane home a few weeks ago and the lady next to her didn’t know she was a rheumatologist. During the flight the lady was explaining how since she had gone vegan she had slowly experienced less and less symptoms of her arthritis and was now med free after being on methotrexate long term. Now, I don’t personally think I could go full time vegan ever (chocolate, cornish ice cream & pasties, chicken curry need I go on?) but maybe 2 fasting vegan and alcohol-free days a week might be enough to reset the immune system? I’m going to give that a try, based on my encouraging results so far. I’m going to be trialling mixing it into my existing 5:2, cutting out most if not all red meat, increasing grain and veg alterative protein sources and generally following a Mediterranean style diet whilst making allowances for the odd bit of chocolate and wine on ‘normal’ 5 days.
    If you’re stuck with me this far I’d love to know your thoughts or experience on how diet has affected your condition??

  • By CathyD Moderator

    Thanks so much for sharing, @sarahr! I love that your rheumatologist is open to discussing alternative options. I am happy to hear that the 5:2 diet alone has made a difference for you, and I’d love to hear how you get on with the further dietary changes you plan to make. Keep us updated!!

    -Catherine, Community Moderator

  • By Leanne Donaldson

    Hello @sarahr I love that you have a rheumy open to the idea that changes in diet can help improve your PsA symptoms. Mine says that weight can make a difference, but has never gone into the idea that what you eat (or when you eat for that matter) would make a difference.
    I’ve been following (to the best of my ability with 3 young children) the AIP diet and I think it really has made a big difference. However the drawback is that it can be very tough and expensive for that matter, to follow. I’ve now modified it a bit so that I can identify which foods will or will not work with my body.
    Anyway, the 5:2 diet sounds really interesting and one, I’ll be honest, that I haven’t heard much about. I’ll have to do more research on it, thank you for sharing something that has been working for you and keep us updated on your progress. I’m ALWAYS open for trying a diet that allows me to have both my coffee and chocolate! 🙂 -Leanne, Community Moderator

  • By orangeglow1

    I would like more info on your 5:2 diet and would like to warn anyone on methotrexate do not drink. Not even wine. It changes how the metho. works in the liver and not in a good way.

  • By sarahr

    Hi orangeglow

    Do a Google search on Dr Michael Moseley 5:2 fast diet. He’s done a couple of books that might be of interest to you.