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General Discussions

Brain Fog-extreme fatigue

  • By susanmd

    I just experienced a huge brain fog accompanied with the extreme fatigue. Will it happen again? Will it keep getting worse! It really scared me.

  • By Casey Moderator

    Hi susanmd. I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve experienced this! How scary! It may not be a bad idea to let your doctor know that this happened to see if they may be able to give you a better idea of why it’s happening and for how long it may last. However, we do have many people in our community who report struggling with this, so hopefully some of them can chime in here and share how they handle this and for how long it has been going on. I hope this improves for you and doesn’t happen again anytime soon!!! Please keep us posted! Also, we have many articles on the site about brain fog and fatigue if this does pop up again. Please let us know if you need help finding these articles if you have another bout of these symptoms! Best wishes! -Casey, Team

  • By Jaime Lyn Moy

    While I have no suggestions to keep brain fog from coming back, I can let you know that you’re not alone. I’ve heard of other patients having brain fog but never really experienced it myself until just last week. It is scary! I hated feeling I had no control, being zoned out, and unable to snap out of it. I definitely wasn’t myself and it made coping at work very difficult. I did not feel I could handle any important or detailed work that day. It was beyond frustrating! Thankfully, it has only happened this one time. I know it could come back, but I’m not fixated on it. I’m just taking each day as it comes. In general, I feel out of sorts with lack of sleep. I’m pretty sure that contributed to the brain fog, but it definitely wasn’t the only reason. I’m trying harder to get a full night’s rest. Easier said than done, but I’m trying.

  • By EINNA

    When it hits me it hits me hard! It has even advanced to stage that when I feel it coming on I know I am going to be in bed for 2 days, not able to drink or eat, I’m sweating & then I am freezing, I sleep but I don’t really sleep & I suffer from “night terrors”. I can’t predict when or how often it is going to happen & it has ruined more than one special occasion. I have heard from people who experience the same “syndrome” as myself & it is the only thing that has kept me from thinking I was losing my mind. When I feel it coming on I just want to die each time. And then 3 days later I’m out conquering the world! This disease is a challenge & a half. My advice is to give in to it. Your body needs the rest & fighting it is useless. I’m very lucky that my husband has seen me suffer so dramatically that he doesn’t question the severity of the situation. He stays close, tries to make me take in fluids & makes sure I’m safe. And I mention my husband’s reaction because it is very important to have the people around you appreciate what is happening to you. To suffer the feeling that no one believes you is a horrible feeling. Make them understand!

  • By nessasmalls

    That is such a scary thing to go through. I’ve ran into “Brain-Fog” many-a-times. While it’s not something that I’ve been able to predict, it is something I have been able to manage. What typically helps me is getting myself into a calm environment. If I’m at work I’ll excuse myself and go to my car, throw on some relaxing music, adjust temperature accordingly and make sure I have fluids and snacks. At home I’ll either cocoon myself in bed or take a bath and try to relax until the fog passes. I also rely on CBD oil to assist with the anxiety brought on by the fogginess. Best of luck to you! Hopefully you’re able to find a goos way to manage these episodes!