Mrs. Carrie Gibbens: Experiences With Knee Surgeries

Hi, I'm Carrie and was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, over 10 years ago. My mum had this also and I've inherited everything from her.

Experiences with knee surgeries

I've had both knees replaced, one twice, but not because it went wrong. I got a very serious infection 2 years ago due to having a cervical epidural and within hours my left knee was so painful & was rushed to King's. I had my knee opened up totally washed out, relined, and on IV antibiotics for 3 months once a day eventually at home by district nurses.

I was fine months after and thought life was back to normal. I started getting niggles in it and finally, a cist was on my knee, and like a volcano, it seeped out puss. I had to call my surgeon's secretary who told me to come in immediately and then didn't leave the hospital.

This time, I had to have my replacement totally removed and have medical cement, my leg in a brace for 12 weeks. I wasn't allowed to bend my knee unless I was sitting down. The infection was on the metal of my knee because it's sweet, a small bit managed to stay and spread again, but was severe, this time I had sepsis. I had IV antibiotics for 7 months, twice daily, it was hell. I finally had a new knee, done at Guy's because COVID was at its worse. I was fine until another minor infection fluid sack was in my knee again, but not a bad one.

So, finally, I had my knee opened up 3 times in 16 weeks. A year later, I'm fine, I can walk, bend and straighten my leg really well again. My fatigue all through was and is bad, my depression is up and down and cry a lot.

Trying to stay positive with psoriatic arthritis

I now try doing gardening, but nothing extreme. I grow Willow trees, plaits, and wands. I'm trying to grow Silver Birch trees. I started painting in acrylic and watercolor, which is nice, though my paintings wouldn't win an art expedition.

I try to be as positive as possible but not easy.

Sorry for the long story.

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