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Do you use walking aids?

I’m curious because I’m suffering psa and osteo in back knees and feet, I limp with my right knee adding to back pain but noone I have seen has suggested even using a stick to take pressure off the worst knee ?

Community Answers
  • Jake moderator
    1 month ago

    Hi @jaymacc – Following up here! Did you end up trying any kind of assistive device to help with walking/relieve pressure?

    – Jake, Team

  • TanjD
    12 months ago

    I use a cane, and for long distance a walker. No one had suggested one until I was in the hospital unable to walk.
    Do what makes you feel better and eases the pain. I would suggest discussing with your doctor or physical therapist, as they can guide you to the right one. Walking aids are a great help.

  • nesto
    1 year ago

    Do whatever helps you.
    Osteo in the knees seems to me to be part and parcel with PsA, I currently use a cane, sometimes 2. At my worst a few years ago I used a rollator because I needed to sit occasionally.

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