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Can PsA affect my vision?

I’ve been having some vision problems – can psoriatic arthritis affect my eyes and vision?

Community Answers
  • GCM
    1 year ago

    See this link for add’l info about Uveitis and renowned Dr. Stephen Foster.

  • GCM
    1 year ago

    Yes, severe Uveitis has been one of the frequent flares of my PsA…along with joint issues. However, the Uveitis has been much more difficult to control…and was the reason I was started on Humira. Be sure to see a Uveitis Specialist (there are not many) to treat your eye inflammation before permanent damage is caused in your eyes. (After a severe 3 year battle with unrelenting Uveitis, I have Optic nerve damage in both eyes and have lost my peripheral vision.) Don’t delay when you think you have flare in your eyes (redness, pain, sensitivity to light…) I am including a link to a website by Dr. Stephen Foster, and a nationally well known uveitis specialist from Massachusetts.

  • Jdubb187
    2 years ago

    It could also be your treatment as well. In fact, Plaquenil has been know to show effects on the eyes and if you are taking it, you should be monitored by an eye dr. I believe i go every 3 months for monitoring because i take a maintenance dose of Plaquenil 400mg/day. It could potentially cause irreversible damage and is not to be taken lightly.
    Plus allergy medication can have a drying effect as well as many other medications. Be sure to read your labels & manufacturers info.
    Hope this helps….best of luck & STAY STRONG!

  • Rebecca moderator
    3 years ago

    Yes, it certainly can. People with PsA are significantly more likely to develop eye problems, the most common being uveitis. Uveitis is a general term for inflammatory diseases in the eye that lead to swelling and destroy eye tissue.

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