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Does Methotrexate Affect Pregnancy?


I am currently on methotrexate for my Psoriatic Arthritis, and my wife and I are planning to have a baby.

Been taking methotrexate since July 2019. Can I stop taking methotrexate and continue after we have a baby? Does methotrexate affect the baby even if only the father is the one taking the meds?


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Community Answers
  • lazatinmrj
    3 weeks ago

    You may ask your doctor first.

  • Jake moderator
    3 months ago

    Hey @nesty-jr. Good question!

    First off, congrats to you and your wife on planning to have a baby. That’s very exciting!

    The FDA’s guidelines related to using methotrexate states that, ” Men should wait at least 3 months after stopping treatment with
    methotrexate before getting their partner pregnant. “.

    Hope this helps!


    – Jake ( Team Member)

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