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Does Psoriatic Arthritis Affect Your Eyes And Ears?

I am aging gracefully, but I am aging. Does anyone with PsA find that it is affecting their eyes and ears? There are days I feel wobbly, blurred vision, and dizzy. I talked to my healthcare team about this, but they aren't able to give me a sensible answer.

What is your take on this? We would love to hear from you. Diane (Team Member)

  1. I've experienced issues with dry eyes, and subsequent occasional blurriness for a few years now. I take prescription eye drops, carbomethylcellulose drops. I don't have issues with my ears, but my rheumatologist has, in the past, expressed interest in whether or not I've had dizziness or vertigo, as it seems that PsA can cause issues with the inner ear.

    1. Thanks for chiming in. I feel that on some days I am walking sideways. It's a very weird feeling. My eyes are getting blurry, but it's from being "season". I hope everyone knows what that means. Thanks for sharing. Diane (Team Member)

    2. I think most of us have dry eyes, and we also have ear problems. Feeling dizzy, ears hurting.

  2. O my where do I start, my hearing has gotten so bad I wear hearing aids,I never knew hearing loss could come from PSA.. I'm almost deaf it's really taking a toll on me because I have 6 grandkids and I want to be able to hear there cute lovely voices also I've had uvitis several times in my eyes one time it was so bad I was sent to Morgantown West Virginia hospital and they peeled layers from my eyes because it was so bad

    1. Hello , so sorry you have had to go through so much. Yes, PsA can affect our hearing. My doctor told me that the body's autoimmune system could be attacking parts of the ear. We have an illness that keeps on giving. It hurts me to read about them peeling stuff off your eyes. Are you doing better with your eyes now? So sorry about your ears also. Do you have to wear hearing aids for both ears? I also have 6 grandkids and a great-grandbaby, so I understand. Let us know how you are doing. We are always here. Diane (Team Member)

    2. Hi , so sorry to read about everything you have been through with this disease. What a lot to deal with. I saw your follow-up comment and am relieved that your eyes have been better lately. Alongside the information from Diane, I thought that the following article on PsA and hearing loss may be of interest: Hoping today is kind to you. Warmly, -Catherine, Community Moderator

  3. Yes ma'am my eyes are doing so much better I haven't had you uvitus in 2 years.. I do wear hearing aids in both ears I have to have them turned all the way up to be able to hear it saddens me to know that our disease is a keep giving kind of disease I know other people are worse off than I am and I do not know how they can stand to live with the pain I also have problems with my feet I forget exactly what all it is but it's excruciating pain more days than none it's exciting to hear that you have six grandkids as well God bless

    1. Hello , The only thing I have to say is that we take a licking and keep on kicking. I live in pain every day of my life. There are nights I cry myself to sleep. My father is 90, and his favorite words are - I will live as long as I can and die when I can't help it. God Bless you too!! We are all in this together. Diane (Team Member)

  4. Yes, both my vision and hearing has been impacted, how much is age, how much is years of doing things that damage your hearing like whitewater kayaking and too many rock concerts, I don't know, but I now use glasses for at least reading, have hearing loss that requires hearing aids, have dry eyes that require drops, and have severe tinnitus. Really does impact my life.

    1. Hello , I know what you mean. We go through so much. I asked myself the same thing - how much of this is from getting older? I am 66 now. I have so many doctors for all these different things. I hope you are doing well. Do you see a different doctor for every illness that you have? We would like to hear more from you. Diane (Team Member)

    2. can you elaborate a bit more on your vision and hearing being impacted by PsA? We would love your feedback if you are willing to share. Hopefully more people will see it and be able to relate to it. Vickie W., Team Member

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