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Does anyone feel very irritated due to PsA?

I take anxiety, depression, mood-altering medications but they do not help. I feel very agitated. Anyone else going through this and what do you do?

Community Answers
  • Rebekaus author
    8 months ago

    Hello, I’m not 100% sure but I researched CBD oil and it said that it may not be good for everyone do to the fact it may not mix well taking with prescription medications. I’m glad that it works for you. The pain is triggering the added anxiety. Thank you for the suggestions.

  • Rebekaus author
    1 year ago

    My anxiety level is excellent due to taking clonazepam. I started taking it for another problem. I had anxiety riding a

    1 year ago

    I do. I’m just the grumpy guy.

  • Jereferol
    1 year ago

    This is EXACTLY WHAT MY husband goes through, and me his wife who is also disabled due to spinal injury and surgeries, have to know what I can do or not do to help him live instead of him giving up all together

  • Rebekaus author
    1 year ago

    I am surprised that you aren’t the one agitated. You have been through a lot and God bless you. The most important thing to remember is that it is not your fault. I have such a hard time convincing my friend, who lives with me. He thinks he is doing something wrong, he has said that “your such a b#%&^”. always something negative. He doesnt believe that I cannot clean more. Everyday I feel frustrated because I cannot due more. There is so much I want to clean, organize. I have pain standing to long, my hands have a hard time grasping and hurt when I use a spray bottle, and sweeping, reaching for something that is high up in the cabinet. I hope everything gets better for you. Than you for reaching out.

  • Leanne Donaldson
    1 year ago

    Hello @Rebekaus I suffer quite a bit, especially with anxiety. I was prescribed 40 mg Prozac that seemed to help but not quite enough. I added CBD oil (vape and drops) and noticed a major change in my anxiety levels. I was able to drop down to 20 mg and am considering going off it.
    Sometimes it feels like every little thing could set me off. Here is an article that may help you understand the relationship a little better,

    On good days, I’ve even added light yoga to help me manage stress, anxiety, and depression. I feel it has made a difference as well. I wrote an article that you might be interested in checking out here
    Overall, I think the most important thing to remember is to pay careful attention to what your body and mind is telling you. If you are taking medications and you don’t feel they are working, talk with your doctor. He/She may also suggest talk therapy to help manage the totally understandable feelings that come when you live with psoriatic arthrits.
    Come back often for support and understanding, or just to vent. We are here for you! -Leanne, Team)

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