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Anyone experience Enthesitis with PsA flare up?

I’m really pleased to have found this place and look forward to getting to know some other people with psoriatic arthritis! I’m hoping to pick brains a bit, too. My feet and hands are really flaring up at the moment, I’m getting very bad foot and ankle and now lower leg enthesitis bilaterally which is worse at night. Morning stiffness is increased and I have numbness in my hands. I’m up even more than usual in the night with enthesitis (and also what feels like bone) cramp-like spasms. I’ve had this for years, it sometimes leaves bruising on my ankles and feet where the spasms were concentrating and it can make me scream in pain (and I didn’t scream during either of my children being born).

My new rheumatologist recently referred me for USS and nerve conduction and whilst I’m still waiting for neuro results, the ultrasound result says only mild changes in my right hand. Whilst I’m obviously very pleased there appears to be no major damage even after 16 years of PsA I’m really surprised given my ongoing symptoms. I was really hoping that I would be finally listened to about this by a doctor. I might get some results which could point me towards some (any!) relief from this particular symptom and I feel a bit disheartened. I’ve had bloods checked and nad, I walk regularly when I’m not flaring up, I eat 5 a day, with minimal red meat and I’m kept pretty active with my kids.

Any advice or shared experiences, please? Thanks for reading.

Community Answers
  • bumster Hi I'm new 12/2018
    10 months ago

    Hi sarahr do those spasms make your legs shake uncontrollably and keep you awake if so I know how it is I have been suffering for about the same amount of time the only thing that I have seen relief from for that was the cbd oil it helped me sleep a lot better and we all know that sleep is very helpful so I hope this helps good luck and take care

  • kvirg
    12 months ago

    Hi there –
    I’m just new to the community and newly diagnosed but I experience similar to what you are saying.
    Every flare that I’ve had starts with red, swollen, hot, tender area that is somewhat widespread.
    With my toes it leads to dactylitis.. but I had a long flare (?few months) of my entire left dorsal hand and wrist that eventually just settled into a stiff 1st metacarpal area.
    Currently I have a discoloured area on my left inside ankle.. no injury.
    I am an ultrasound technologist so can periodically check myself.. and I will see the tendon surrounded in fluid with high vascularity.. and when I search for the affected joint it is often vascular and inflamed too.
    I mentioned in another part of the forums I have been trying the ketogenic diet and coincidence or not – my most recent flare with the ankle is the only one which has not ended up in excruciating pain for a period of several weeks like all my other previous starts of flares.
    It is not curing my very sore feet / plantar fasciitis but, it has not developed as much as other flares..

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