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Can a traumatic event trigger psoriatic arthritis?

Can PsA onset be related to significant emotional or trauma related events?

Community Answers
  • Kath
    11 months ago

    Yes, most definitely. In 2010 I lost my mother, my father had already passed. My mum was my best friend and her passing was very hard to handle. To top off the nightmare my older sisters did not have the same emotional attachment that I did and created all sorts of havoc. 3mths later I fell and dislocated and broke my shoulder. About 5mths down the track and I was a mess from my first flare. I was depressed and in pain. 4yrs later I was given a diagnosis after going from one doctor to the next.

  • GCM
    11 months ago

    Yes! Most of my PsA flares have been related to stress. It could be “good” or “bad” types of stress as well. I was hit hard by a flare while returning from a vacation trip to Greece; it was great fun…but travel can be stressful (and it occurred at the airport on our way home.) Another such incident was while waiting at the hospital while our daughter delivered her first child; I arrived at the hospital feeling fine…but as birth was imminent the pain and swelling of a flare began in both feet! I try to minimize my stress as much as is possible (hard to do, I know…)

  • TanjD
    12 months ago

    Interestingly enough, yes stress can have an impact. I have had arthritis since I was young, but it wasn’t until pregnant that I developed psoriasis on my hands. It came and went, sometimes worse than others. Fast forward 25 years later, the death of my mother triggered severe psoriasis on my feet. Which led to the actual diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis. By then my arthritis was severe, but started treatment and it keeps me mobile. Stressful events can certainly bring out symptoms.

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