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Do you get buzz sensations in your fingertips?

Addiction or relief? Anyone else get a minor sensation in their fingertips that make you have to press on them to relieve it?

I’m finally trying to work out what this is!! For decades I’ve presumed it’s a habitual thing, similar to biting nails or cracking joints but now thinking it could be PSA related. I can’t work out of the sensation makes me want to press on finger tips to relieve or if the sensation comes from me doing it ?? Like nail biting, I usually only realise I’m doing it halfway through. The sensation feels like a ‘buzz’, like when your feet are tired. It’s not a pain but if I try not to to the pressing then it’s really annoying and gets worse. To relieve it I press down on the finger tip, use a file or object to ‘clean’ the cuticles, use my teeth to press down…. very strange behaviour indeed! So if I get a reply saying “I know what you mean” I will feel better in knowing it might be a PsA thing. If not? Then I suppose I have to put it down to a psychological thing….

Community Answers
  • Rebecca moderator
    9 months ago

    Ah! definitely check that out! I just developed it myself (my mom has it). And it was SO WEIRD. Like, I literally watched my finger lose color and turn white. And the tingling pain is so weird! I find it very hard to describe! It seems to come and go, but it first happened after I picked up a very cold iced drink!

  • mandyfish author
    9 months ago

    Oh wow Rebecca, that could explain it maybe! I’ve never noticed colour changes but so much of it makes sense! I’m going to ask my rheumy next time I see her.
    Thanks for replying with a great answer xxx

  • Rebecca moderator
    9 months ago

    I haven’t personally – but have you ever been diagnosed with Raynaud’s? Is it anything like how that appears?

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