Those Strange PsA Symptoms…

We know that psoriatic arthritis is so much more than just chronic inflammation and joint pain. While swollen, painful joints are the primary symptoms of PsA, there are a number of other symptoms of PsA that people don’t often talk about. And sometimes it’s helpful to know you’re not the only one experiencing those “strange” symptoms that may not necessarily be on your doctor’s radar!

Here are a few of the less common symptoms discussed within our community. How does your psoriatic arthritis experience compare to that of others? Vote in the polls to see how others responded:


– Do you experience extreme tiredness, difficulty keeping your eyes open, or even flu-like symptoms that you can’t explain? Sometimes plans get canceled because it’s hard to keep up with life – Cynthia C understands this all too well.

Eye problems

– The most common eye issue for people with PsA is uveitis, which is inflammation of the eye that causes redness, pain, and can lead to vision loss. If you’ve experienced blurry vision, floating spots in your vision (floaters), unexplained eye pain, or redness, your psoriatic arthritis may be the culprit. Learn more about uveitis and other eye issues.

Hearing loss

– It can be challenging to get a proper diagnosis when you think your hearing loss is due to a routine ear infection, like Leanne did. In fact, ear damage can and does happen in people with PsA – read more about hearing loss in this post!

Nail dystrophy

– Also called nail psoriasis, nail dystrophy affects the appearance of your nails. Those changes might not look nice, but more than that – they can hurt! Read more about this symptom and what can be done to treat it.

Changes in mood

– There is no doubt that having PsA can alter your mood – many people here at report suffering from depression and/or anxiety. The impact that PsA has on every single aspect of your daily life can take a toll on you emotionally – as it did with Leanne. Read her story here.

What other symptoms would you like to see more discussion about? Please share in the comments!

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