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Has anyone tried alternative treatment methods for PsA?


I am new here but have been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis for 5 years. My current medications are no longer keeping my flares away and humira and methotrexate have been recommended as the next step. I’m extremely nervous about starting either one. I’m a runner and athlete and this flare has lasted for at least 3 months with extreme pain and inflammation in my knees. I can’t do what I love and have been very depressed!

Has anyone tried alternative approaches and found it to be helpful?

Gluten free, CBD oil, acupuncture?

Or any short-term things to get relief from inflammation?

Community Answers
  • Frances00
    5 months ago

    I encourage you to talk to your doctor at length about starting a biologic. I suggest you get all your concerns addressed and then make a decision. I’ve been on a biologic for 7 years for PsA and even with that, I’ve had 2 hip replacements.

    I wish you good healthy days!

  • Leanne Donaldson
    5 months ago

    Hello @jhertfor alternative therapy options can be a bit tricky, mostly because people’s response to them is as varied as the disease itself. Some people find great relief, while others don’t. Either way, all alternative therapies have the same goal in common, to lower inflammation levels and (in theory) doing that will slow down the effects of the disease.
    I’ve tried several things including: CBD, dietary changes, Cat’s Claw, and yoga to name a few. Depending on how severe your inflammation is will probably give you a good idea about how each might work. But one thing to keep in mind with each alternative therapy- nothing works overnight. Often it will take 3-6 weeks to see a difference from CBD, 2 months for diet changes and supplements. However, I did see pretty quick benefits (at least in joint stiffness) from gentle yoga practice.
    The alternative therapy that I’ve found the most helpful so far is the Autoimmune Diet- I can tell within an hour if I’ve eaten something that I shouldn’t have. But that also makes sense as I recently found out that I have “Celiac tendancies.”
    One thing to keep in mind, if you choose to do the alternative therapy route, is that while you may be able to more easily manage symptoms, the disease itself “may” continue to progress. Only your doctor can advise you on that. Also, no one said that you needed to choose one path OR the other, in my personal experience, I’ve found the combination of alternative and pharmaceutical to be the most effective. But again, that is only something you and your doctor can ultimately decide. There is quite a bit of information on alternative therapy options on our site, and here is an article that might help you get started and it goes into a little more detail on my experiences as well.
    I’m sure others will weigh in on their experiences and in the meantime, I hope you are able to find some relief that can get you back up and running again soon. Running was never my thing, but I do have a friend who has had PsA for a few years now and she has found the right medication/diet combination to get her back out and pounding the pavement again, so at least there is reason to hope! – Leanne, Team Member

  • Reham
    5 months ago

    Hello there.
    I diagnosed with PsA 9 years ago ( I was 17 years now I am 25 ) But my whole suffering started when I was 12. I strarted my journey with biological treatment with Enbrel for 6 years then it’s stop the effect with my PsA. After that they gave me Humira for once every two weeks. But humira didn’t work with me because my joints ache were killing me. Especially my knee and shoulder, besides my fingers. Note that it was one side ( Rt side). However they increase my dose for once every week. It’s decrease my knee symptoms only. This increase was for 6 months now. And I feel now all my symptoms back plus my back.
    But I recommend you to start the biological treatment Because it’s decrease the symptoms even it’s may back but they will let you to live your life.
    Don’t hesitate.

    For me there’s no alternative work with me. No dite No acupuncture nothing.

    You will RUN again with less pain.

    It’s not short term treatment but it may need to switch the medication according to your symptoms.

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