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Have you tried acupuncture?

Has anyone tried acupuncture to help manage their symptoms? What was your experience like?

Community Answers
    10 months ago

    I tried it. It was relaxing for the time being. But did not help. Was asked if I felt needles. I responded should I. Had to use bigger needles. Still nothing.

  • Astrid
    2 years ago

    I’ve tried it and I thought it helped with pain but I didn’t finish it. The problem I had was that I had to get a lot of sessions in the beginning, which was really expensive. Then once you get to a certain point you only have to get it once every so often as “maintenance.”
    If I had the money, I defintely would have followed through with it. But my insurance doesn’t cover it and at $60 a pop, it just wasn’t feasible. I did find it extremely relaxing, though, and experienced a bit of relief.

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