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Weight Control and Psoriatic Arthritis

Weight is a very sensitive topic for many people. I am one of those people. I have struggled with my weight my whole life and I am really not a fan of it being discussed. However, I am also aware that it is something that affects our health.

Starting a weight loss journey

Weight can also put a lot of strain on our bodies. When we are already battling to cope with things as they are, it is always good to review your overall health and see where a person can improve and make things easier for your body.

One of those things is weight loss. My journey started in 2020 and has carried over to the new year with me. I am excited about the road that is ahead of me.

Having the right mindset

Having the right mindset is vitally important for any kind of health journey. You need to get your head in the right space. This always seemed like such a daunting task for me, until I realized that it was actually such a small thing to do.

It’s simply about making a decision. Even when you do not stick to your plan 100%, you get up and you try again. I found that I was really hard on myself and when I fall off the wagon once, I feel like a failure and give up. This time round that changed, I have given myself time and kindness to do this journey with.

The impact on the body

Psoriatic arthritis is hard on our bodies. Our joints and tendons take the toll of it, in particular. Being in a position where I already struggle to walk some days due to my psoriatic arthritis. I have become keenly aware that some weight needs to go to make simple movement easier.

Some of the benefits I am looking forward to are a healthier heart (my main motivation at the moment), easier movement, less inflammation all-around, less strain on joints and tendons, easier playtime with my daughter, less pain which will hopefully mean less pain medication too and energy. I am told that increased energy comes with weight loss.

Know your resources

I have a great nutritionist who works out my meal plans for my needs, budget, and taste. It has made the world of difference. I am also going to the gym three times a week and working within my parameters of what I can do. It has made the world of difference.

Have the right reasons

Having the right reason to do anything in life is really the best motivation there is. In the past, I have always wanted to lose weight for more superficial reasons. Wanting to be thinner to look better was my main focus.

While that is still a part of it, it is no longer my main motivation. My focus is on being healthier and making it easier for my body to cope. It does not matter how much weight you lose.

Do you struggle with weight control? What strategies have you taken to make it all easier?

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