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Be Kind To Your Psoriatic Self

One of the common traits we psoriatic sufferers share is the constant struggle of putting ourselves down. For example, a hard one for me is not being able to do the things I used to do.

Over seven years of psoriatic arthritis has dealt my body a huge blow. Some days the pain level is so bad that all I can do is just sit in my recliner or lay in the bed. It is days like that when the feelings start to come creeping in like a bad habit.

Psoriatic arthritis acceptance

It is super easy to start thinking about how life was before psoriatic arthritis. The times where I could do anything I wanted without worrying about the effects afterward. It has taken a long time but I have moved past those thoughts. I have embraced the fact that this is my life now. It just simply is what it is.

The joint damage is done

That is truly a hard concept to grasp. The joint damage caused by psoriatic arthritis cannot be undone. My back pain will always be there. It will always be a factor. We all have something in common here. Whether it be back, hip, knee, or whatever body part involved we all have pain and damage caused by psoriatic arthritis.

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To be frank, gone are the days of how we used to be. With that being said, I read a lot of comments while I am moderating where people are really down on themselves or even worse their family just doesn't understand. I get it.

It took my husband a long time to understand how much I hurt. It really makes me sad to see how much everyone is struggling. Hopefully, those reading this can find a little bit of peace of mind.

The house will be fine!

This concept really took me a long time to overcome. I am a neat freak almost to the point of being obsessive. Growing up one of the things my mother instilled in me was to make the bed. To her way of thinking if the beds in the house were made, then the house was halfway clean. I still make my bed every day.

There are days that I just know that I can't. It doesn't mean that I don't want to. It simply means that I am listening to my body more than my mind.

That does not make me lazy. It doesn't make me a nasty person. What if it makes me is a smart person because I am not causing myself more pain or even more joint damage. Have you ever thought of it that way?

Finding truth in understanding

No one understands what a psoriatic arthritis person goes through but another psoriatic. You must do what you have to do within reason. I know it hurts when other people do not understand. I have been there too. Maybe something I was told a long time ago will help you too.

Think about this: Why get upset with someone when they act the way you expect them too? Boy, that spoke volumes to me. Now when I feel myself getting upset I apply this question. Be kind to yourself. You didn't ask for psoriatic arthritis. No one would want this if they have the choice.

Another thing that has helped me was to say to myself the cleaning will still be there tomorrow. That is not being a procrastinator by any means. That is simply saying that hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day where I can get more done. Please be kind to you. If you don't who will?

Any other tips you have learned along the way I will be glad to hear them. Let's be kind to each other and share.

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