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Why Vitamins Are Important When You Have Psoriatic Arthritis

When you were a kid you probably learned that drinking milk is good for your bones. Having psoriatic arthritis puts your bones and joints at risk.

Did you know that most people who have psoriatic arthritis are deficient in Vitamin D as well as Vitamin B. Is your doctor testing you for these?

Psoriatic arthritis and vitamin deficiency

If you're like me, every time I go to the doctor, I feel like a blood bank given the amount of blood they draw. Vitamin D and B levels can be checked with that same blood draw. It's worth having that conversation with your doctor if you weren't aware of it.

Even if you were aware of the possible deficiency it is still worth the talk with your doctor to make sure he is checking on it periodically.

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Vitamin D

Recent research in Spain found that most psoriatic arthritis patients are deficient when it comes to having Vitamin D. A deficiency is defined as anything less than 20 ng/ml. Are you like I was and have no clue what ng even means? Ng/ml means nanograms per milliliter.

The study in Spain found that 40.9% of the patients they tested who had psoriatic arthritis were Vitamin D deficient. That is almost half. My doctor tested me. It turns out, I am Vitamin D deficient.

Now I take a Vitamin D pill twice a week so my Vitamin D level stays where it needs to. You can get them over the counter or your doctor can prescribe them to you if you are deficient.

Vitamin B

Another area that I was found to be deficient in is Vitamin B, or more specifically Vitamin B12. Fatigue is a real factor with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. It really did not surprise me to find that I was deficient in this area.

B12 is part of what supplies your energy level. My doctor has me taking B12 shots at home. I inject 1ml every six weeks. When I take the shot I can tell a difference the very next day. I definitely have more energy.

Of course, you can find B12 at just about any store. You do not have to have it in the shot form if you are scared of needles.


Both of the vitamins I mentioned are found in multi-vitamins. You could go that route if the thought of taking too many vitamins overwhelms you. It doesn't matter how you improve your vitamin intake, the important thing is that you get the needed vitamins in your system. Especially if you're middle-aged like me.

Talk With Your Doctor

If you are taking any of these over-the-counter supplements, you need to list them when the nurse asks about your medication. It is important that the doctor know everything you are taking including vitamins. Too much of anything is never a good thing.

Your doctor can help keep your body within the limits that are right for you. Some supplements may interfere with other medications you take, only your doctor will know which is which.

The first step is being tested for the deficiency. The next step is being treated if it turns out you are deficient. All of this is in hope that you will be able to live your best life even with having a terrible disease like psoriatic arthritis.

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