Sober Socializing

Alcohol has always been a trigger for my psoriatic arthritis along with my psoriasis. Social drinking is quite a culture where I live, so oftentimes, a social dinner or visit to the pub has alcohol involved.

This can vary in capacity and as a nation, we are known for overindulging. Not something to be proud of, it just is what it is. 

I also recognize that this is true for many places and countries in the world. Social drinking is a massive part of social culture.

Social and health management in psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis

For many people stepping out of this habit of drinking alcohol is hugely beneficial to the management of both psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis. This can however often lead to one not attending social occasions as being sober is not fun when everyone is drinking. It can be hard to connect to friends that are drinking when you are sober.

Connecting or disconnecting

With psoriatic arthritis, I often feel isolated and lonely as is and for many years I kept drinking to keep up with my social life and soon realized it was not worth my health. This did however leave me often alone at home, so over time this left me looking for ways to change how I socialize while out.

Adjust how you connect with friends who are drinking, arrange breakfast or lunch dates with friends that you would usually hang out in bars, etc. These are less likely to involve alcohol and sitting and having coffee at lunch or breakfast is easier than at a bar at night.

Chatting with friends

I chatted to some of my friends who would jokingly always offer me a drink. They would pressure me with kindness and jest to try and get me to join in the jovial shooters etc.

Over coffee one morning we had a chat and I explained that I would love to keep hanging out with them. Just that alcohol was an absolute no.

This adjustment was hard enough for me as it is and I needed them to support me when out as well. Most of them were understanding and apologized for not understanding how badly the alcohol affected my health. 

There are always those who think it's nonsense or have their own opinion. I made peace with this.

Sober partying

I learned to go out sober and lose the need to fit in, There are so many alternatives to alcohol and we know that one does not need alcohol to have a good time. And it is quite simple once a person has worked your way around the old habits and made changes.

Going out I now often drink a mocktail or some sparkling water and lime and something of the sort. Go out early and learn to have fun sober, I dance and sing and have as much fun as everyone else. I am often available to help my friend get home safely too.

I never wake up with my joints totally stiff and my skin ruined from the night before. A big bonus is also no more hangovers. Sure I still wake up with sore and stuff joints, but not like I did after a weekend of drinking.

Having self-confidence while not drinking

The strangest and most welcome side effect of this, is the ability to confidently be myself. Learning to dance and sing sober, without the assistance of alcohol was so wonderful.

This has translated into my daily life as well, strangely enough, I have become more confident and at ease with who it is that I am. Alcohol has been known to drop my inhibitions and make me feel so free and without judgment. So now I am learning to do this all the time and sober.

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