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Sleeping in a Pillow Fort for My Psoriatic Arthritis

Sleep is not something that I have ever been very good with. I have suffered from insomnia since I was a young girl and have never known consistent sleep. Since being diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis this has become even more challenging. Painsomnia has been a long-standing part of my life now. Over the years I have found ways to manage this best that I can. Pillows are by far one of my biggest assets, and I have found ways to use them to my advantage to help me manage my psoriatic arthritis at night.

Tool #1

If you are not able to get an orthopedic bed, or even if you do and you find that it is not enough to manage your pain levels at night. An eggshell topper could help alleviate some of this pain. They are affordable and are underrated in my opinion. When you see them, you may think what is this thin little piece of foam gonna do? Especially with me being a bigger woman. Lo and behold it has been one of the most life-changing things I ever owned.

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This has hands down been one of my best investments. They are good for a variety of aches and pains and for all ages.

Tool #2

A good neck pillow can make a world of difference to your sleep and pain levels, I have found that the psoriatic arthritis in my shoulders really plays up if I sleep on bad pillows. The conclusion that I have drawn is that the pressure on my shoulders is much less when my neck and head are supported properly. So to date my favorite pillow is a contour memory foam neck pillow the ones that have two bumps. The one that nestles in under your neck so snuggly, and your head rests in a dip.

Tool #3

Hips hips hips, it's all in the hips. This is by far the psoriatic arthritis that gets me down the most at night. My hips give me so much trouble and without a pillow between the knees I will get very little to no sleep. Once that pain starts at night there is no getting back to sleep for me. Therefore I do try and get myself set up correctly before bed. I pop a good solid pillow between my knees and then and I am generally able to get some sleep. A body pillow is something that is also on my radar for this. As a person can hook your legs in and around it, It is on my list of things to try this year. I think this would be the cream de la creme for sleeping with psoriatic arthritis.

How does this space help my PsA beyond sleep?

With all the things that I do for my psoriatic arthritis, I must admit that I find deep comfort in my pillow fort at night. An emotional hidey hole when my mental health has taken a dive I crawl in there. Go read my book or watch a movie and have a mental health nap.

Having a space in your home, where you can retreat for some pain relief, and a mental health break is vital to me. I have chosen to make my room this space. With beautiful plants and gentle lighting, the creature's comforts are required for peace and good sleep. I try and keep this space clear and clean and ready for when I just can't anymore or it is bedtime. Sometimes due to my psoriatic arthritis my mental health takes a big dip and then this is space is priceless.

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