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PsA Made a Mess of My Life

It is no secret, life can be messy. Throw in a chronic illness like psoriatic arthritis, psoriasis, fibromyalgia, and endometriosis, and it gets even messier. Some people think that my conditions only interfere occasionally with my social calendar or inflict pain now and again, but what they don’t realize is that my chronic illnesses have made messes in every aspect of my life.

Home sweet home?

I moved four months ago, and I still have boxes in my living room, bedroom, and hallways that have yet to be opened or unpacked. I am beginning to think it is time they go back into the garage since I have obviously done fine without their contents. There are always dirty dishes in my sink and piles of laundry. Thankfully I travel every few months because it is before each trip that I finally fully unpack from my last adventure. I was never a neat freak or anything more than a mediocre house keeper, but I was never as bad as I am now.

Wardrobe malfunction

My level of activity fluctuates depending on how many of my chronic illnesses are flaring or in remission. This means that my weight also fluctuates. I have a 10lb range that requires two different sizes to cover. The problem is that my periods of remission don’t always fall into the same seasons, and I often find myself with little to wear even though I have a closet overflowing with clothing. One thing I don’t lack? Pajamas!!! I have PJ’s for every season!!

Money matters

I don’t care how great of a healthcare plan you have; there is nothing inexpensive about living with multiple chronic illnesses, especially if like me you prefer natural or alternative forms of medications and treatments. My illnesses and having to have multiple surgeries depleted our savings many years ago and left us in major debt. We are slowly making a dent, but still have a long way to go and all while continuing to treat my illnesses.

Calendar chaos

Every date, trip, or outing of any sort is made with the hope that I will be able to follow through. No matter how carefully I plan or how far apart I space commitments, something always gets cancelled.

A hairy situation

Everyone on social media should thank me for not posting pictures of me at the end of a flare or a hard week. With all of my energy going into tasks that are necessary or when I lack the energy to get out of bed, my hair pays the price. As I write this post I have not washed my hair for four days and I look like a troll.

Emotional rollercoaster

My chronic illnesses have made a mess of my emotions; they are all over the place. Physical pain has both desensitized me and made me overly emotional to certain situations. There are times when I become almost robotic when discussing my health, just because I have had to talk about it for so many years. Then there are other moments when you’d swear I was performing a one man show.

These are just a few examples of the mess PsA has made in my life. What messes has it made in yours?

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  • jewelrycats
    2 years ago

    Using my fingers. Going thru files, paperwork, doing anything requiring use of hands is so painful all my paperwork is piled high all over my table. Anyone else? Making a fist, holding a vacuum cleaner, steering wheel, etc., is so painful but I LOOK great and people have made comments like, “what do you do all day”. 🙁

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