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Maybe There Are No Miracles, But That’s Okay

Whenever I stumble across a new treatment option or potential tool to manage one of the many symptoms of my psoriatic arthritis, I feel hopeful for a miracle. I hope that this next thing, be it a supplement, diet, or prescription medication, will be THE miracle that makes everything okay again.

No miracles

I hope that it will be the one thing that makes all the difference. Something that by some miracle, takes the “chronic” part out of my chronic illness. But let’s be honest here with each other, no such thing exists. There are no miracles. There is no magical thing that will heal the disease or cure the pain. But you know what? It is still okay.

Feeling let down

Sure, there will be the inevitable let down. The questions of, why did I even bother to hope? Or why did I even think it might work? Feeling lost. Feeling misled and angry that yet another thing didn’t work as well as we had hoped. The realization that there is no “one thing” that is going to make a difference, that there is no miracle, is a hard thing to accept.

Maybe there are no miracles, but it is still okay to hope

It’s easy to lash out when we realize that there is no miracle that will give us back everything that we have lost to psoriatic arthritis. It’s not that you haven’t looked hard enough. It’s not that you haven’t tried everything or even if you have. That’s just not the way it works. But, it will still be okay.

Find hope, find encouragement, find a community

You will find answers to your questions. You will find hope and encouragement when you thought there was none to be had. But you know what? It won’t be in the form of a miracle. It won’t be any one thing that makes all the difference.

Miracles aren’t always what we expect them to be

You will find a little piece of the puzzle here, and a tiny key there. When you put them together you will see that the miracle was there the whole time. It just wasn’t what you expected it to be. It wasn’t a product that made aches and pains manageable. It wasn’t a new medication that put your psoriatic arthritis into remission. Nope. It wasn’t any of those. That’s not the way this works.

A community of survivors

The miracle my friends is simply this, community. We are a community of survivors offering each other all the hope and encouragement we need to battle of symptoms and pains. A note in our community forum, an answered question, encouragement shared in comments and advice. This is our miracle, our key to finding hope and encouragement is our community.

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