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Two hands showing a psoriatic arthritis flare

Natural Methods to Help Psoriatic Arthritis Pain

I have had psoriasis for 56 years and psoriatic arthritis for over 30 years. I recently had to stop treatments because of health issues. My PsA started flaring so badly, I had to find other things to keep me in motion.

Not all psoriatic arthritic patients are comfortable using new drugs for pain relief. We just don't know enough about them. Some are afraid of drug addictions, and side effects. Some don't trust modern medications at all.

Ways to improve chronic pain

Psoriasis is not limited to your skin only. Approximately 30% of people with psoriasis will develop psoriatic arthritis. It is a painful joint condition. Your immune system attacks your skin and gives you psoriasis and your psoriatic arthritis attacks the joints and inflames them causing considerable pain.

My typical areas of pain include ankles, knees, neck, lower back, and wrists. Right now, my prevalent pain is in my toes and fingers right now - it's unbearable.

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Movement & exercise

Working out is good for your joints; when you're in pain, exercise is often the last thing that you are interested in doing. It has been known to keep your joints limber. This will also help you lose weight. In return, will relieve your joints of the pressure of handling the extra weight.

These are some exercises that I have tried: Tai chi, swimming, and yoga.


Personally, I have not tried this. This treatment involves the insertion of thin long needles into the skin. The body releases pain-killing chemicals into the body relieving the pain. This method of treatment is safe and has minimal side effects.

Hot and cold

This is my favorite. Using hot and cold temperatures can relieve pain in certain parts of the body. It is up to you to make the best choice of which of the two makes you feel better. Using a cold cloth against your sore joints will relieve the pain by numbing your joints.

Putting a hot cloth on the hands relieves pain by bringing the swelling down and soothing your tight muscles.


It is important that we all take a break and relax. Working or exerting too much pressure on your joints will cause you pain. Take a break and relieve pressure from your joints.


This treatment method eases your pain by loosening your muscles and getting rid of the stiffness. You can visit a clinic or a spa near you or just have the therapist come to you.


Meditation helps you focus on your breath and relax. Stress is relieved by this exercise which means less psoriatic arthritis pain.

Support & assistive aids

Some doctors have there patients wear splints or a brace to relieve the pressure from sore joints.

Find what works for your pain

Some supplements and herbal treatments that are not considered as drugs are used to relieve pain.
They include tea tree oil, aloe vera, turmeric, apple cider vinegar, and dead sea salts.

Different psoriatic arthritis patients use some of the above pain relief methods and they work for them. The main reason for using them is pain relief. Make sure to see a doctor before trying anything new.

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