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My Must-Have Products for Psoriatic Arthritis

There are different gadgets and products that I used to help me with my psoriatic arthritis. These help me to ease the pain of living my life with psoriatic arthritis as much as possible.

Can you imagine having an illness with nothing to help you? I would like to share the things that I found to help me live with PsA over the years.

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Finding comfort and confidence with psoriatic arthritis

When I discovered I had PsA, it was a difficult time for me. My body had been making all kinds of changes for years.

This was something I had to get used to. I had to get different things to help me to deal with this. I had to find ways to help me get through this.

The priority for me was finding things that could bring comfort into my life. When you are dealing with PsA it really puts you out of your comfort zone.

The first thing I looked for was comfortable clothes to wear. I had to start wearing long comfortable clothes that were soft to my skin. My favorites were long dresses and long sleeve shirts. This also made me feel more confident.


Do you ever feel like a weight is on your joints? This is how I felt all over on most days.

My first good investment was comfortable yet good supportive shoes. They help not to put so much strain on my joints and help me relax. I found some very comfortable sneakers and flats which worked wonders for my feet.


The other thing I did was get good bedding. This is so important to comfort my joints. I needed a mattress and pillow to help me sleep peacefully, but also keep my body aligned.

There were different parts of the body that I didn’t want to put weight on the joints. I had to do some research to find a mattress that was clinically certified. I paid more for my first good bed than I did my first used car back in the 70s.

Gripping tools

Another thing I had to do was looked for ergonomic tools which help you grip things. I have several tools for jar openers, some of them don’t require you to put too much effort into opening a jar or even lifting things that can put a strain on your muscles and joints. Even a pair of pliers can be your friend in a pinch.

Joint pain relief

I don’t know about you, but a heating pad is a must for me. It helps with joint support and cold packs for inflammation.

My doctor added in some physical activity and gave me some pain relief creams and gels. Discuss with your health care team some stress releasing devices, trust me they can help release inflammation and stress.

Practical solutions to help make life easier

We are all different, so what works for me might not be a good fit for you. Everyone has their own experiences of dealing with PsA.

These were some of the things which becomes necessary for me to keep and I started to keep them in the house as they helped me a lot. I also believe that everyone must have their own experiences of dealing with psoriatic arthritis. We all have different bodies and different symptoms.

You need to discover your own tips and tricks to find what works for you. Find things that are effective and work as a helping hand for you. Try to live your life to the best even though you are dealing with this condition.

It becomes difficult sometimes, but living in a technological world has its perks. We just have to find some helpful tools and gadgets for our well-being.

Doesn’t sound too bad, now does it?

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