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Tools to Make Life Easier With Psoriatic Arthritis

Day-to-day living with psoriatic arthritis can be really challenging. Simple mundane tasks can become impossible to do on a regular basis and test even the most resilient of us. Pain levels and restricted movement can create an obstacle for doing certain things and some things can prove near impossible. In today's day and age there is a great variety of tools, gadgets and well thought out creations that can really make a big difference in our lives. They are worth investing in, you are worth investing in. These are some of my favorites gadgets that make life a little easier.

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Tool #1

From baked beans to cat food and anything in between that comes in a can. Operating a manual can opener has been the bane of my existence for any years. We, the can opener and I, have a very different idea of how a can should be opened. This has often led to me jumping up and down in the kitchen in utter dismay. During winter, it can be very difficult for me to use a can opener even if I can figure it out. My hands are stiff and sore. An electric can opener is in my opinion something that should be a staple in all homes where someone has psoriatic arthritis.

Tool #2

Grips are something that can be used on various items. You get all different types, shapes, sizes, colors and textures. You can get grips for pencils, cutlery, gardening utensils, and so much more. This means that if you need to write on the daily, or you enjoy doing art, that you can continue to do what you love with some minor adjustments. This does mean that you would not need to give up or adjust your favorite hobby - be it painting, drawing, writing letters or recipes.

The same goes for gardening tools, you can get simple grips and ones that go as far as have a brace and velcro strap, Gardening is the one things that I would really never want to give up.

You can also get grips for toothbrushes, hairbrushes, combs and shavers, etc. This really makes a difference if you have psoriatic arthritis in your hands and gripping anything is hard. This can help you maintain your independence and help you get a little more done.

Tool #3

Some of my favorite things come in jars - sauces, pickles and olives. Opening a  jar lid, and a new lid in particular, has been my undoing on more than one occasion. I invested in a good quality jar opener, it is made with plastic and rubber and truly makes opening a jar a treat.

Tool #4

A key aid is by far one of my favorite things. While I do not need on just yet, I will without a doubt keep one available to use when I do need it. Your house keys fit in to it and instead of fumbling around the small keys and dropping out of your hand. You will be able to fit your kets into this key aid and have a sturdy grip on your keys.

Tool #5

Putting shoes on, in particular shoes with laces can prove to be very difficult especially when you need to stick your fingers in the back of the shoes to yank it over the heel. A shoe stick holds the shoes backing up while you slide the foot in and you do not need to have the battle of squeezing your fingers in to back of the shoes with your foot at the same time. Psoriatic arthritis can cause some swelling and really make it challenging to get shoes on.

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