Knee Surgery & Psoriatic Arthritis

For several months now, I have been dealing with the pain and swelling of a torn meniscus in my left knee. Turns out the tear was so bad that it's going to take knee surgery to fix. As I was told by the surgeon, once you tear the meniscus it never heals. I have to admit that was mind-blowing to me.

Why couldn't it be like a bone fracture that would eventually mend? No, that would be too easy. Instead, I need surgery, which is just the way my luck runs.

Connecting psoriatic arthritis to the knees

Living with psoriasis for 17 years and psoriatic arthritis for the last 7 years is the start of what made this the perfect storm.

Psoriatic arthritis attacks your joints from the inside. There is no doubt in my mind that this disturbance is what got the storm started. Add to the fact that I am overweight puts me at strike two. The final strike that swirled the tornado was laying floor tile in my new kitchen.

The up and down motion on that knee could not handle it all. What I thought was overexertion turned into so much more.

Preparing for knee surgery

Believe it or not, the more time that passed between the actual day that the meniscus tore and the day of the surgery, I really did not worry much. The only thing on my mind was that I wanted the pain to stop.

I lead a pretty active lifestyle. This torn meniscus was hindering my ability to do that. Psoriatic arthritis does enough of hindering all on its own. I was very relieved when they scheduled my surgery as being the first one of the day.

Never fully prepared

No matter how prepared you are for something you are never fully prepared. I sure wasn't prepared for the huge ace bandage they would have on my left leg. It started about halfway down my leg, wrapped around my knee, and then finished about halfway to the ankle.

Know what else I wasn't prepared for? Being released with no crutches or walking aid. It was on me to walk around as best as I could. Almost a week past my surgery and I still struggle.

To say I have no confidence in the strength in that knee is totally inadequate. Do I worry if I am going to fall? Yes.

The impact of stress

We all know what stress can do to the body. Stress is never a good thing. Not only is there pain in my knee each day but it has not helped my arthritis either.

My right hip hurts because of the extra pressure I am putting on it because I cannot put all my weight on my left. The same thing holds true of my back hurting. With psoriatic arthritis, most of my pain is mostly in my back.

Seems to me my back is in pain all day every day since I have had this surgery. Maybe it has to do with not being active since I am still limited. Stitches come out Thursday which I am hoping will make it where I can move around more.

What are your thoughts and experiences?

Have you or someone you know had this type of knee surgery done before? Did you find that it made your psoriatic arthritis flare? I would really love to hear your input on this.

If you have any tips on things that helped you during this time, please share. Surely having the stitches out is not the end of it? I want to be prepared for anything else that could impact my PsA while I recover.

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