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Getting a Knee Scope & The Impact on Psoriatic Arthritis

I know all of you reading this can relate when I say that I am so tired of managing my psoriatic arthritis. Eight years of dealing with psoriatic problems, the pain has finally gotten me to my breaking point.

I try so hard to stay upbeat. Most of the time, I hide my true pain. This past week, well, that has not been easy to do. Part of the pain has to do with my psoriatic arthritis while part of it has to do with yet another knee scope.

Double the pain

Back in April, I had to have a knee scope done on my left knee. An MRI showed that the pain and swelling I was experiencing was due to a torn meniscus. While still trying to recover from that procedure, my right knee began hurting. It never did hurt while the left knee was hurting so I never expected something else was going on.

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It was about a month after the left knee scope that the right knee began swelling and hurting each day. On a follow-up visit, I expressed to the doctor what was now happening with my right knee. His response was that I was just overworking the right knee to compensate for the left knee.

It totally made sense at the time. I tried hard not to overwork the right knee. However, it was not getting better and in fact, seemed to be getting worse. It was definitely more painful than the left knee had been. Finally, the doctor agreed that it was time to scope the right knee.

An inconvenient flare

The doctor and I both went into this procedure not sure what would be found. Imagine my surprise when the doctor said it was a torn meniscus in that right knee as well! The even bigger surprise came when he said the right knee tear was far worse than the left knee.

I can tell you this it has been a painful time trying to recover from this right knee scope. It really seems like the left knee scope was a walk in the park in comparison. Nightly trying to sleep has not gone well either.

Now on top of all of that, my back and left hip are constantly hurting. Those areas have been my psoriatic arthritis pain points. I cannot lay on my right side currently it really has caused these areas to flare.

Two whammies causing so much pain

I cannot remember a time when I had a body that did not hurt for one reason or another. Like most of you, I am sure I had psoriatic arthritis long before I was actually diagnosed with it.

Even as I sit, my back feels like it is in a vice and someone is cranking on the handle. My knee is still a source of pain but that pain is understandable because it has not even been a week.

Having two sources of pain is really making me struggle more to put on that strong front that we've all perfected. I do know that flares come and go. This knee pain will eventually go away. I just wish it wasn’t two whammies causing so much pain. Any words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated at this time.

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