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Home and Lifestyle Adjustments for Psoriatic Arthritis

You know the old saying, "You can't take it with you." Well, that is how I feel now.

I recently retired and got a few dollars saved. The decision to live my life in comfort in my aging years came to my mind.

Living with psoriatic arthritis can be very difficult. You have to face hurdles daily. This can easily ruin your comfort and can restrict you from moving around in your own home.

With time I have mastered several techniques and have made some important changes in my home. I want to be comfortable for the rest of the time I am in my home. I wanted to share some tips that have been useful for me so that we can manage the symptoms of psoriatic arthritis in a better way.

Easy modifications for more comfort

The first thing I did was to ensure that my home was easily accessible, especially when I had severe pain. For that, I decluttered all hallways and rooms for more space.

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I also added grab bars in the bathroom for stability. I also added ramps for when I turned 80 one of these days. I decided to invest in new furniture. I made sure I had comfortable stuff that eased my pain. Having the right furniture can really make a huge difference.

I invested in good ergonomic chairs to support my back and relieve joint pain. But I must say the best-kept secret is an adjustable bed. Now this is living.

Most of the items I invested in had padded seating for my sore joints. Invest in ways to do smart storage. This helped me do my daily life chores with ease, as I didn't have to bend to reach.

Keep the important things where they are easily accessible. Install pull-out drawers and use containers that have handles so that you don't feel discomfort. I made sure that my house had proper lighting so that any accidents could be avoided especially during the night.

I have installed adjustable lighting fixtures to control the brightness level. I also installed task lighting in major areas like workstations and reading areas to increase visibility and reduce eye strain.

Temperature and safety for psoriatic arthritis relief

Maintaining a comfortable temperature at home is very important for psoriatic arthritis symptoms. Very high temperatures can increase joint pain and stiffness. I use adjustable thermostats to maintain indoor temperatures and always ensure a comfortable environment.

In addition, using heating pads or blankets during colder months and fans or air conditioning during hot months will be very helpful in managing temperature-related discomfort.

Lastly, you need to focus on safety measures so that there are no accidents in the future. One thing that you can do to ensure safety is to use non-slippery mats in wet areas like the washroom. You can install handrails where necessary, or glue rugs to ensure that there is no tripping.

Personalized precautions for symptom management

By taking all these precautionary measures you will decrease the chances of any injuries. By taking all the above-mentioned measures your quality of life will be improved and will be able to manage the symptoms of arthritis in a better way. Always remember that everyone is different so change your environment according to the needs of your body.

We are all in this together.

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