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How to Fall in Love with Shot Day

How to Fall in Love with Shot Day

We are genetically hardwired to hate pain of any sort and to avoid it at all costs. We wear shoes so we don’t hurt our feet. Often, we take acetaminophen to avoid the pain of a headache. And we wear sunscreen to avoid the pain of a sunburn. Yet, to treat our psoriatic arthritis, many of us take medicine in shot and infusion form. While it isn’t as bad as most of the pain we feel on a daily basis, it is certainly not considered to be “fun” at all. However, since beginning treatment, I have learned not only how to accept shot day, but more importantly, I’ve learned how to fall in love with shot day.

Change your mentality

Falling in love with shot day starts with a change in mentality. Yes, more often than not, after I receive my treatment I feel even worse than I did before the treatment, usually for about 24 hours. However, in my mind, I know that in exchange for that, I get a solid 3-4 weeks of “less” daily pain. So changing how you look at shot day begins by reminding yourself of the bigger picture.

What do you love?

Next thing you have to do focus on something that you like or something that you enjoy. Plan for the day to be not called “shot day,” rather make it a “me day.” Think of 1-2 things that you really enjoy and plan it into shot day. Do you love to binge watch your favorite show on Netflix? Make it happen. Do you have a favorite milkshake or latte that you don’t typically allow yourself to indulge in? Save it for shot day. Take the time to plan your day to make it special for you, and include things that make you look forward to the day.

Taking medicine is not a burden

Changing this way of thinking goes back to when one of my treatments was given in infusion form. If they ran the medicine too quickly, I would have reactions to it, so they always gave me the medicine over a course of about four hours (sometimes more). At first, I was dismayed that receiving treatments would take so much time out of my life, until I changed my way of thinking.

Sometimes gifts come in strange wrapping

I began to focus on the idea that I would “gift” myself those same four hours. During those four hours, I allowed myself to do almost anything I wanted as long as I was sitting. I could read, write, draw, watch tv, just about anything or even nothing. As a busy mom, I began to realize that at any other time, I literally NEVER sat for four minutes, much less four hours. Which led me to see these forever long infusions much more as a gift, and less of a “pain.”

An affair to remember

That is where my shot day love affair began and I started to actually look forward to infusion day. I looked forward to the solitude and “me-ness” of it all. I gave myself permission to treat myself for the day. But more importantly, every single shot day, I take the time to focus on solely on me. I release the guilt that I carry which is such a pervasive thing with psoriatic arthritis.

How to fall in love with shot day

On shot day, I set down the burden of always fighting for energy. I cast aside the fears of what my future might hold. More than anything, I take the time to breathe. In and out. In and out. Until shot day becomes more than just filling my body with the next round of meds. It’s about filling my soul with the strength and energy to continue on. That, my friends, is how you fall in love with shot day.

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