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How Has Joining The Psoriatic Arthritis Community Helped Me?

Joining a community can be very helpful to us especially if you are from a group or an area that has come together because you share a common interest. Being part of a community can help you be part of something bigger than just yourself.

It can help you achieve something that normally you would consider impossible.

The power of community

Strength in numbers also means strength in knowledge. Being part of a community will keep you in the loop ensuring you are getting insider information. The fact that you are engaging with each other will not only be for moral support but also can produce fresh innovations.

When you already know what you are passionate about, finding other people who share the same passion can be very motivating. It can be very encouraging to be active in whatever you are passionate about with people who understand just how important it is to you.

Below are a few reasons for me joining Health Union:

Opportunities for job development

Being part of a community can help you find a job or if you are an employer it is a great place to find the talent that you are looking for.

You are also in a better place to make lasting friendships and if you are lucky it is possible to find a mentor willing to give you invaluable advice and be your compass.


When you join a group, chances are you are part of a large diverse group. This increases the chances that you will get good valuable advice. This advice can help you avoid mistakes such as spending more money than necessary or taking the wrong medication for the wrong symptoms.

Helping others

Joining a community means that you get help from others. But it also means that you get to help others which can help you feel good about yourself. It will also help you give back to the community that has also helped you. It can be volunteering at your local church, school, or hospital, doing it with others is more satisfying.


When your voice is heard it gives you an opportunity to help your industry or your community grow. Being part of your surroundings and contributing to it ensures that change does not leave you behind. You will be part of the wave of change when it comes.

Making new contacts

If you are an entrepreneur or looking for a job, new contacts are invaluable. These contacts can be acquired during community events such as seminars, workshops, or conferences. To be able to attend or be invited to these events its only imperative that you be part of it.

I have grown beyond belief since joining this community and so many doors have open for me. I have done and been things that most people dream of doing. I feel like the sky is the limit. Trust me, this is not by chance, people have taken notice of me here.

The importance of learning from others

Being part of a community helps me to be part of a wider network. Whether you are a professional or just part of a group of people with common interests. You will be able to share your insights, be inspired, and get the latest news and trends.

The best part about being part of a group is learning from others. It's great when people ask us questions, share what they are going through, and tell us how they are doing. You are empowering us. I loved sharing my opinions, thoughts, and ideas.

Be active and share your feedback with us. We are all in this together.

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