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Healing with the Psoriatic Disease Community

One day, I was scrolling through my phone, thinking about how I could survive my first flare-up. I was longing for comfort, validation, and the need to feel understood. I curiously searched “#psoriasis” on Instagram and that was the day that I was introduced to the psoriatic disease community.

How the psoriatic disease community made me feel less alone

After being diagnosed, I repeatedly asked myself if I was the only one struggling with these weird symptoms and excruciating pain. I realized that even if my family tried their best to understand me, they will never fully comprehend my pain because they don’t feel it. This made me isolate myself more.

However, I found out that there are so many people going through the same thing that I was. And then it dawned on me that I was not alone in this battle and that I never was in the first place.

I have established newly found connections and made friends online who share the same feelings, thoughts, and experiences about chronic illness as I do. I have heard inspiring stories of overcoming and surviving. Most importantly, I became hopeful that if they were able to go through it, then maybe I can, too.

Practice vulnerability by sharing your story

I realized how important it was for my mental health to communicate my feelings and have difficult but necessary conversations. I found out that it was easier to open up to people you barely know. It was easier to be vulnerable and to share your struggles with strangers than the people who have been in your life for so many years.

Probably, because chronic illness sufferers can listen to you without judgment, and they can empathize and feel your pain. It's surprising how your story of suffering and survival can save others, too.

Effective coping mechanism

In my case, it was difficult for me to share my diagnosis story at first. So, when I found myself slowly opening up to others, I knew then that I was in process of healing already. The online psoriatic disease community has helped me not just by providing unconditional support, but also because being able to communicate my feelings has been an effective coping mechanism for me.

Sense of belongingness and acceptance

The need to belong becomes stronger when you are chronically ill. Sickness is isolating; it makes you feel alone despite being in a house full of people who love you, and even if you have friends who are constantly reaching out to you. Indeed, knowing that others are going through the same rough patch that you are, makes the struggle a whole lot bearable, and makes you feel less alone, too.

What has the psoriatic disease community done for you?

Please reach out and ask for help. You don't have to deal with everything on your own. You are seen, you are heard, and you are valued. Behind your back is a psoriatic disease community on various social media platforms that will root for your healing, always.

You are not alone.

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