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What Jobs Can I Do With Psoriatic Arthritis At Home?

I have worked in an office for the majority of my professional career. As I have gotten older and my psoriatic arthritis has worsened, I have found that it was quite the challenge to go into the office every day and sit for eight hours.

It takes both responsibility and commitment to stick to a work schedule. It takes discipline to concentrate on tasks and interact with colleagues every day. An extra layer of difficulty is added when you throw in pain and chronic illness.

Work from home jobs for those with psoriatic arthritis

It's important to remember that symptoms vary from person to person and that effort depends on the day. Some days one may be blessed with mild symptoms, other days one might be experiencing a flare-up of nausea, stiffness, and swollen joints. These symptoms make it difficult to move and can create fatigue.

There are jobs that don’t require getting up early. You won't need to drink your coffee in two sips, sit in traffic or chasing through a crowded city. The benefits of working from home are that you can create your own hours and take a break when you want.

Data entry

You only need a good internet connection and a comfortable chair. Data entry allows you to be paid by the hour or by project, but it is important that you respect the deadlines. The most important thing is that you remain concentrated and focus. They are about accuracy.

If you're not quick at typing, you can work on it. If the employer is satisfied with you then more opportunities will open up for you.


Blogging is an extremely popular profession, but if you want to get serious about it, you need to be prepared to be available to your followers by creating interesting content, answering questions, and not to be discouraged by mean comments.

Create content about topics that are close to you and that you know well. Blogging can be a great addition for extra income but also a steady source of revenue if you fully commit to it. Well-known bloggers claim that their working hours vary from day-to-day.

Make jewelry and other unique items

You don’t have to be an artist to design jewelry and other beautiful decorative items. Many positive experiences show that serious business ideas are often born out of hobbies. Different tutorials on the internet offer free training in the making of various handicrafts.

Do not be discouraged if the sale does not go as expected at the beginning. It takes time!

Telephone surveys

If you have a pleasant voice, you can be hired to make telephone surveys. The interviewer usually goes through a short training process. Arm yourself with patience, because there are different people who can tell you their story along with each survey question.

You should be informed about the topic for which you are conducting the survey, and you are likely to be asked to enter the survey results into your computer. This can be a solid part-time job.

Call operator

The great advantage of this job is that it can be done at home as outside of working in the existing call centers. After a short training, you can start a multi-hour story about the product you need to advertise.

You are expected to have a basic knowledge of computer work, strong sales ability, be communicative, serious and persistent. Reward bonuses are often waiting for you.


If you are a specialist in any foreign language, many doors can be opened as a translator for different types of business. With classic translation, you may be required to prepare texts.

You can also do proofreading if you are good at this. The employer will give you detailed instructions on what is expected of you.

Teaching via Skype

There is an increasing number of online ways of teaching and taking various courses. You can be hired by a company or individual, and you are expected to be up to the task to do your job conscientiously.

Often students review their teachers with scores and these get some sort of bonus. Try to stay animated and keep your clients awake, because a good recommendation is an important step to the next job.

Graphic designer

The visual image of the company is important to every employer, whether it’s corporate or promotional. The job of a graphic designer can include the creation of logos, business cards, posters, billboards, magazine and book covers.

This business can be lucrative and well paid if you have a good knowledge of software such as Adobe Illustrator, InDesign or Photoshop. This might pose a problem if you have uveitis or experience other eye issues.

Where to find work from home jobs

I am not saying that it’s easy to find a work from home job. It is important to prioritize your health and listen to your body. There are platforms where both the employers and employees guaranteed a completely safe and user-friendly experience. Some of the most used online-job platforms are Upwork, Fiverr, LinkedIn, Guru and Freelancer.

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