They Said What?! Top 5 Comments I Hope I Don't Hear Again

We all know one or two people who fail to consider if what they are about to say is inconsiderate and just blurt out rude or demoralizing comments.  But it wasn’t until after having my life turned upside down from psoriatic arthritis that I heard them from people I thought knew better.

1. You don’t look sick.

Of course I don’t look sick; most of my symptoms aren’t visible.  Plus, if you are seeing me outside of my home, my pain is not at its worst otherwise I wouldn’t be out.

2. There must be something your doctor can give you to make you normal again.

Sorry, but there isn’t a magic pill that will make me function like I used to.  Nor will there ever be one until the causes of my chronic illnesses are discovered.

3. I wish I could stay home and not work.

Do they really think I like not being able to financially support myself or my family?  Not being able to work a 9-5 job outside of my home is not something I wished for.  I just love being reminded of the financial strain my condition has placed upon my family.

4. I wish I could take naps.

First off, I don’t know what is stopping these people from taking naps. If they really want one they could take one.  I don’t want or wish to take naps, my body requires them.  I can’t plan them, they just happen.  Most importantly naps aren’t a waste of time for the chronically ill; they are a form of therapy.

5. You’re so lucky to need a wheelchair; I wish someone would push me around all day.

  Really?? Do they really wish to lose their physical freedom and need assistance to get around??!!  While I am thankful for my wheelchair and my friends/ family that assist me, I prefer days in which my body permits me to get around without it or them. 

These are just a handful of comments I have heard for the past 17 years and continue to hear.  What is the rudest or most inconsiderate thing someone has said to you?

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