For Every Action, There is a Reaction (With PsA)

"For every action, there is a reaction." There has never been a truer statement when it comes to living with psoriatic arthritis.

My psoriatic arthritis went misdiagnosed for years. I have permanent damage in my back which cannot be undone. The pain in my back gets unbearable at times and interrupts things I want to get done daily. Ten years’ worth of inflammation. Nothing seems to make it better.

Every day chores seem insurmountable even if it is the simplest job like washing dishes. Standing in one spot seems to make my back feel like it’s in a vice and someone is steadily turning the handle to make it squeeze more.

I am a strong person but even I get down emotional. My last job was being a private housekeeper. It was a job I truly loved. However, it became too much, so I had to quit.

Coping with psoriatic arthritis and another injury

Most of you know that in 2023, I was dealing with a knee injury. For ten weeks I was not allowed to put any weight on my left leg.

That was followed by weeks of physical therapy and learning to put weight on it again using a walker. The next several months I could walk assisted by using a cane. There are still times when I must use it.

Why am I telling you all this? It wasn’t just the knee that was damaged. Remember the title? For every action there is a reaction. My psoriatic arthritis flared most of that time and made everything harder.

It definitely took its toll on me. From trying to sleep to daily physical therapy to being able to walk again my body was in pain daily. My psoriatic arthritis also got worse during this time leading up to more damage.

Returning to the things I love

I have never been one to accept defeat in anything. In my opinion, it is what makes me strong. I don’t give up.

Last year I missed being able to do the things that I love. I couldn’t work in my flower beds.

There was no way I could get in a boat and fish which is my favorite thing to do over anything else. It’s my happy place. There is no way I am missing out on it again.

The first thing I have accomplished this year was to get outside and clean my flower beds. It felt so good. There are five flower beds in total that have all been weeded and new flowers put in them. I did that with a little help from my husband.

This weekend we are going to our family lake house. I will be fishing while we are there.

Pushing through

Working those flower beds led to my body reacting. I already knew that it would happen before I felt it.

I tried to be as easy as I could be with my back. The pain in my back required me to take many breaks. Time spent letting my back rest. It also allowed my knee to rest.

Five beds took me five days, but I got it done. Yes, the mornings were tough with my body being very stiff. However, I made it through it. I feel proud.

There is no doubt everyone in this community deals with the same issue. We try to do things that make us feel accomplished, but our bodies react. It is what we do.

We might have psoriatic arthritis but when it comes to it we are psoriatic heroes!!!

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