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Wondering if biologic in infusion is a preventive for Covid?

I’m currently on Simponi Aria infusion every 8 weeks. It seems to be working fairly well for my symptoms. I’m in my 2nd year with this medication-WOOHOO!
I’ve chosen not to get the vaccine for Covid. The reasons are varied but I am of the belief that some of the ingredients in the infusion are those that are “preventative”. Anyone have thoughts on this?
I’ve been exposed at least twice with one being over 2 hours-face to face! I do take Vitamin C and D daily along with Zinc.
I am NOT anti-vaccine-I actually got both Shingles vaccines in March of this year. I’m just not comfortable with this one yet.
Thanks in advance for your thoughts!!!!

  1. Hi @Laurie64. There is no evidence that Simponi Aria protects users from the Covid-19 virus. My research indicates that the manufacturer recommends patients follow CDC guidelines regarding Covid. I wish prevention were as easy as taking the appropriate vitamins and supplements. Supplements might make you healthier, and thereby, improve your chances of surviving an infection, but they will not likely spare you from it. I am not sure how you avoided contracting Covid from those people, but I do know that biologics, by design, suppress your immune system. So please, wear a mask when you are that close to people or indoors with others, especially if you are unvaccinated. Here is a report from the National Psoriasis Foundation regarding PsA and Covid that you might find helpful: I hope this helps. Stay safe and healthy! - Lori (Team Member)

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