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Travel and Assistive Devices

When you go on vacation or travel for any length of time (even just going to a doctor's appointment) do you use an assistive device? If so, which one? What made you choose that particular device?

  1. I use a cane all of the time, even when I feel ok. When I begin my day., I never know exactly how much I'll be walking it if I will step wrong and hurt a joint. A cane helps.
    When I fly, I get a wheelchair at the airport. (I also tell the airline in advance that I'll need a wheelchair). I cannot walk the distances in an airport or rush between gates when I must change planes. Security is often a issue, because not only do I have the full body scan, remove shoes like everyone else, but I'm always patted down, have the wand room over me and my hands are checked for explosive residue.
    I guess that is a low price to pay. I do get to preboard and I have help with bags and transferring. Just have plenty of bills for tips.

    1. Eurotrekker, is this where you get your handle from? Because you like to travel a lot? I think bringing a mobility device *before* you need it is an excellent idea all around. If you don't need it, great. If you do need it, GREAT, and maybe your day will go even better because you're using it and putting less strain on your body. Thank you so much for sharing with us!
      -Victoria, Community Moderator

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