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Tip tips and flare hacks!

Hi all

I thought I'd start a thread for tips and helpful advice to share when having joint pain flare ups.
I'll start the ball rolling with telling you all how much I love my she wee!
Currently, my knee is being very badly behaved so I can't sit or walk or much else easily and the she wee helps me go 🙄 without having to sit or bend!
Please go get yourself one if you are a lady prone to low back/ hip/knee or ankle pain and you can thank me later!

What are your tips for managing PsA flares?

I would love to hear anyone else's top tips for managing life around joint pain x

  1. People don't really use this forum much do they!

    1. Hi, Sarahr! I am not sure why you didn't get more of a response to this. It's a good idea for a thread. I had never heard of a Shewee. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing! Warm wishes! – Lori,, Team Member

    2. I love it..but what is a she wee?😊
      Thank you 4 sharing..i use a cane, compression socks and brace for my ankles 2 walk..but still one day at a time journey🙏

  2. My flare up hacks Include:
    Pace yourself
    Sing out loud
    Find all parts of your body that don't hurt, no matter how small they are & be thankful for them
    Spoil yourself
    Learn how to say no

    My mother taught me how to say no.I was a teenager, and she you have been talking with a friend on the phone, and she said "I am so sorry, but we have already made plans for Saturday night.". I knew they had not call it because I was the babysitter for the younger siblings.

    I asked her why she told and untruth! She said it was not an untruth, she Always had plans. She said In the family room with my husband And Read a good book. I have used that with acquaintances and such when I'm not feeling too well. I have 3 good friends who understand about my condition. They will call me up an hour before something is going on, and ask me if I feel well enough to go. Sometimes I say no I'm sorry I do not. Other times I might say yes,Other times I might say no but I really feel up to a Visitor and share some take-out with you. I love those 3 friends dearly

    1. You are lucky to have such understanding friends xx

  3. I have something like a she wee, but not as good design I don't think, I will have try that one!

    On a similar note, I bought a portable raised seat for the commode when I was having tremendous leg pains, it helped a lot too.

    I put a bar grip thing on my side of the bed to help me get up easier.

    1. Wow that's awesome..
      I was thinking same thing..
      When I get up from my bed..i use my crutches 2 walk in the legs r stiff when I get up..
      I use a Cane 2 walk n I use compression socks and brace 4 my ankles 2 walk..

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