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Simponi Aria, Hair Loss and Brittle Nails

I started Simponi Aria recently and am noticing hair loss and brittle nails. Not sure if they are related.

My methotrexate was also slightly increased by 2 pills a week. Sure wish I could grow my hair normally. I had found a shampoo that worked to increase the growth of new hair, but developed an allergy to it and had to discontinue it.

  1. Hi PattyJ,

    Sorry to hear that you are experiencing these issues. I have been having some hair loss myself and it can be quite distressing at times. What a shame you became allergic to the shampoo! I hope you are able to find something else which helps. It may be worth mentioning these things to your doctor, if you haven't already, as they may have some ideas as to whether the symptoms are related to the Simponi.

    I hope this medication regimen brings you some relief, please do keep us updated with how you are going!


    1. Hi Patty,
      I thought it was worth mentioning folic acid. My rheumatologist prescribed it for me when I was experiencing hair loss and it helped. Being that it is a supplement you can buy folic acid (foliate or vitamin B9) over the counter.

      1. I was to a point where almost entire front was gone and it was slowly moving towards the crown of head. My mom is a hairstylist and has been for over 45 i have tried EVERYTHING from prescription to my essential oils. My brother is in the business too....he found an all natural line of products from shampoos to vitamins for dad & mom to the baby. My brother had never brought up the subject....he knew how I wanted to feel pretty. They both stay up to date by traveling a few times a year to hair shows, my brother actually taught classes at these shows for a few years, so he has seen everything. I started the end of September (supposed to was everyday or so and apply a stay in treatment. The every other day happened a few times but normally 2-3 shampoos a week was all I could physically do. I have lots of new hair and less is falling out. You need to use their styling product as well. The company is Monat.

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