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Silent Migraine's and PSA

Is PSA a factor in silent migraine's ?
I went on Embrel 13 years ago and MTX 14 years ago.
I gave me my life back.
Having had a skin cancer removed from my forehead 3 years ago I was taken off both. I had two good years before the PSA started to return. I just started 15Mg MTX 6 weeks ago.
I think I can say that I never had a "silent migraine" in the two good years. Can anyone voice an opinion on this ?

  1. Hello tampepper, This is such an excellent subject. I started having silent migraine years ago. My doctors told me I had too much stress in my life and I needed more rest. I was only having them rarely, but I knew something was "off" with me. I never got a diagnosis and just dealt with it over the years. I have had PsA for over 30 years. I'm hoping someone comes along to shine more light on this subject. I do believe if you are having any kind of symptoms to tell your doctor. It could be something more serious. Keep us up to date on what is going on. Take care, Diane, Community Moderator

    1. I too suffer from migraines however was diagnosed years before I was diagnosed with PsA.
      Recently I ended up in the ER for spinning aka vertigo. I’ve done a bit of research for my upcoming appointment with my ENT and will be asking about vestibular migraines as well as Ménière’s disease. Both are possibilities when one has an autoimmune disease. And I am thinking this silent migraine is very similar to a vestibular migraine.
      Let me know what your thoughts are if you choose to read up on this disease. Thanks. 💜

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