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Sacroiliac Joint Pain with Psoriatic Arthritis?

I can hardly sit or stand even with opioids. My SI joints are unrelenting. Does anyone have words of wisdom?
Should I be resting? Exercise seems to set it off. I am fairly new. I am on week 8 of Enbrel. I don't understand this disease.
Has anyone had SI relief and how did they do it?

  1. Thanks for your question . While I hope members of our community will chime in with their experiences, I am sending over an article about Sacroiliitis. Have you had a chance to talk to your doctor about your symptoms? I am hoping you get relief soon! Jill, Team Member

    1. I definitely get SI and hip pain! It is constant but varies day to day. I bought a hip pillow that sits between my legs just above my knees so I can take some pressure off the area at night and it helps some. I take Celebrex and Enbrel also (on week 10 myself!) I try to rest when I hurt more than usual but continuing to move (low impact like walking and stretching) actually improves the pain. It is counter intuitive at first, but keeping moving is critical if it doesn’t cause too much discomfort (even just a very short walk to avoid the same position for too many hours - if you’re like me working at a desk all day). I also bought a larger gel ice pack to use on the area since it is a larger area to try to ice. That helps a lot!

      1. Do you know the name/maker of the hip pillow?

      2. hi! I bought it on Amazon. Search knee pillow and you’ll see a bunch. They are shaped like an hour glass and they sit right above your knees between your lower thighs. Only for side sleepers. Hope it helps!

    2. Thank you for your input. I am going to be shopping for one on those pillows. I will try cold.

      1. Heat packs, heat packs and more heat packs. They relax those overly stressed and tight back muscles that have to overcompensate. Gentle back stretches like these helped for me but I started with only 1 exercise and applied a heat pack after. Then I waited a few days before stretching. I am not a physio. This is just what worked for me.

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