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Running After Foot Fusion Surgery

Hello, I just joined this group and I am happy to be a member. I had foot fusion surgery May 11th because of severe pain and my joint was a mess.

Has anyone had this surgery and was able to go back to running? I miss running so much. Thank you.

- Brenda

  1. Hi Brenda! First of all, welcome to our site! We're grateful to have you in the community!

    Hopefully other members can chime in on whether or not they've had this fusion surgery and how their life was impacted after it. In the meantime, I found an article on joint-replacement surgeries that includes more information on fusion surgery if you're interested, I'm sure you're probably well aware of the basics since you already had the surgery, but I just thought I'd share! : ) Also, I'm so sorry to hear you miss running so much! Was it a main hobby of yours? I sincerely hope you are able to jump back into it again soon! Thinking of you and sending healing wishes your way!

    Best, Casey ( Team)

    1. Hey Brenda

      How have you been making out post surgery?

  2. Hi Rebecca my foot is awesome!! No pain what so ever!! I still have the air cast on but I think my surgeon is going to take it off when I see him on July 18th. I started up again on my cosentx loading dose and my celebrex. I am hopeful that my surgeon says that I can start running again we will see.

    How are you Rebbecca?

    1. That's awesome!!!! Those air casts can be such a pain (especially when it's hot out)! Are you going to have to do physical therapy after? If so, I wonder if the physical therapist can incorporate easing back into running into the therapy....

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