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Does anyone else have high Rheumatoid Factor?

Hi friends, First just want to say that I was on here as Kristy but wanted to re-register with email instead of Facebook link. So hello again!!!

Anyways, I have asymmetrical joint issues and psoriasis. And my psoriasis has flared on the problematic joints. But years ago, when I had these large bruises pop up in my elbow for no reason, I had blood tests done and had high Rheumatoid Factor. No other inflammation markers and it continues to be the only one. Normal range is 0-18. Mine is at 79. Does anyone else have this?

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  1. Hi , nice to have you back with us. You may want to post this question to our Q&A forum for everyone to see. Our Community is great about answering such questions. Vickie W., Community Moderator

    1. Hi , I shared your question with our Facebook and Twitter members and have a few responses from them if you're interested in reading their responses. It seems like you're not alone and it is a bit of an unresolved question for some folks. and

      Minel (Team Member)

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