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Psoriatic Arthritis without Psoriasis

I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis but have never had psoriasis in my life. All the medications talk about how your psoriasis will clear up. Is it possible to have psoriatic arthritis without psoriasis?

  1. Hi . It is possible to have psoriatic arthritis without the psoriasis. I know several people who have the psoriatic arthritis without having psoriasis. Vickie W., Community Moderator

    1. Hello! I too have psoriatic arthritis but do not have psoriasis. From what I’ve researched it is possible but not common

      1. I was diagnosed with PsA about 3 years ago without any skin involvement. My dermatologist at the time told me up to 10% of PsA don’t have skin rashes but they can develop. Just the last month or so I got a rash that is psoriatic.

        1. I don’t have major skin rash but slightly on my palms. I do have ridged nails, horizontal. I think it’s in my genes a lot of the family have

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