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Psoriatic Arthritis Falls

I know I am not the most graceful person and Psoriatic arthritis doesn't help the cause much. Falls can occur suddenly, at the age of 46 I should be able to stand up from a chair without falling to the floor. Or just simply walking and suddenly a leg will give way, and boom, another pair of jeans have the distressed hole in the knee look. Good thing it’s in style now 😀 I have always been very active and still try to do so, however these falls are getting in the way and my medical provider doesn't seem concerned but to just keep active. So, I will actively do pushups off the ground, pull ups to get myself back up. I will keep my sense of humor, however, have others experienced unexplained falls where your legs just give way?

  1. Hi . Unexplained falls should not go unevaluated. Often, they are neurological in nature. Could you ask your doctor for a referral to a neurologist? In the meantime, you might want to consider at least using a quad cane. There are some really cool, fun canes out there that will others envious! 😀 Best wishes! - Lori (Team Member)

    1. I’m not sure I’d call my falls unexplained. It does feel like the joint (or muscles) just give out. Generally after investigating why I hugged the floor, it can be assumed that I fell because I kept standing while my body was telling me it has had enough.

      Or if I do something that is just not okay for my body anymore, like that one time I jump/kicked a mouse that my spouse had shaken out of a bag. Did I kick the mouse down the stairs? Yes. Did I spend more time down than the mouse that just got yeeted down a flight of stairs? Also, yes.

      1. Okay, . No more jump-kicking mice! 😀 Is it one particular joint that gives out or does it vary? Your rheumatologist might be able to help pinpoint the specific cause and figure out how to best predict and/or prevent it from happening again. Warmly, Lori (Team Member)

      2. it has varied, and significantly improved since I started listening to my body. Most falls were after struggling to keep standing. It felt like my whole body just said enough. 😅With the help of my care team I improved a lot with physical therapy. My SI joints and lumbar spine are fairly severe. After my second set of ablations (March 2021) I had a fall from the change in feeling, which I did report to my care team.

    2. Yes, I fall and trip or jam my toes pretty regularly ... 3 weeks ago I feel out of my house and face planted onto my garage floor.... agh

      1. That must have been painful< ! I hope you were not hurt badly. Have you been evaluated for drop foot, where you lose control of the ankle muscle at times and trip? If that is the cause of your falls, you might benefit from a brace or physical therapy. Best wishes and stay safe! - Lori (Team Member)

    3. yes they happen to me more and more , can’t remember how or why I’m suddenly careening towards the floor far too fast thinking shit this is gonna be sore !!

      1. my doctor seems very disinterested in talking to me about my psa leaving it to rheumatology who of course due to covid I haven’t seen in the last 20 months so I’ve really no one to speak to !

      2. I don't understand why you can't do a phone visit with your rheumy. If things are not reopening in your area, you should push for this. 20 months is way too long to wait if you have PsA. I have PsA and small fiber neuropathy plus a bad sacroiliac and osteopenia, so I take precautions to not overdo it or take chances where I might fall....At any rate, you NEED to be in contact with your rheumy. Sorry, I rush to help. Maybe I should read on to see if you commented again.🤔

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