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PSA Flare - How Long?

I was diagnosed in 2016 with PSA and here it is 2021 and Im still struggling with the initial flare that started in 2016 and Im on Cosentyx and had numerous blood test which always show Im anemic and that my CRP and ESR are through the roof ..... Im trying to get my health back but its so hard when a normal walk leaves me broken for days.

Seriously can a PSA Flare last for almost 5 years? Should I demand another treatment or Is their something I can do to kill this pain? It effects my feet, knees, hips, calves .... its not fair🙁

  1. Hi @Grace70, it certainly is not fair. I can hear how difficult this is for you. It sounds like Cosentyx is not helping you, I would definitely reach out to your rheumatologist to see what they recommend as an alternative treatment. I am sending you over a couple articles that I hope can be helpful for you:

    I really hope you can get the relief you deserve. Jill, Team Member

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